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  1. thanks I like how it came out so far
  2. thanks I used the Tamiya TS-52 Candy Lime Green for the top coat
  3. I also made a distributor cap that I will be wiring the spark plug wires into, I will also be posting new pictures too
  4. Finally got to put some paint on the top coat, its coming along, got the valve covers de-chromed and painted the same color as the body and working on the interior now, its coming along pretty nice, just waiting on some paint to dry
  5. Yeah I'm having fun with it and it's been coming along pretty steadily. Looking forward to seeing yours when it's complete
  6. thanks I appreciate it Just put down first layer of primer to the body
  7. I finally got to spray some paint to the body, I used a base coat of Light Gray Metallic from model masters then sprayed of TS-20 Metallic Green from Tamiya for another layer before putting on the final coat. It has been pretty fun and steady, just waiting on some parts to dechrome so I can finish up on my engine and start working on the suspension. Enjoy
  8. Cool I remember seeing this kit when I was younger, have fun
  9. this would look cool if the stacks were different sizes going in different directions
  10. a few more updates I made, I cut some wire to make spark plug and made two brackets for them too, then I drilled out some holes in the valve covers for the wires and added some paint to the engine and transmission. thanks for looking.
  11. yeah I just took it off last night
  12. just put down some primer, just need to sand it down and smooth things out so I can begin to put down the base coat on
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