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  1. Salvinos 73 Charger kit OOB with Ace Decals. Always glad to see a great driver in a Mopar!
  2. The #99, #12 and the white #11 are AMT. The #04 and flouresent Baker #11 are Polar Lights and the #67 and #8 are JRS....
  3. Owned a 72 Gran Torino coupe with a 351 2V Cleveland...not only could I keep gas in it when switch to 4 barrel carb ( Heavy footinitus) but those God awful heavy hubcaps would take a different course when turning hard. One night on the way to pick up another cruising buddy, a little to fast taking a corner and off takes my left frt hubcap. Like a rogue circular missile, it launches off the curb airborne to land in front of some front porch step, right up that inclined obstacle and whammi lammed the front porch screen door. By the time I reached and planted my foot on the porch to
  4. You got four "Sponsored" rides in it...lol!
  5. Recently discovered pictures...
  6. Another complete Oob. Testers #1203 Gloss Red with Powerslide#344 decals.
  7. JR Salvinos 73 Charger OOB with a combination of JRS and Dave Vann (Penngwen...special Thanks to a world class guy!)decals. Testers Bright Blue on top,
  8. Lol! Just noticed that the body shop sprayed over the rear trunk lid letters...well quess I need to take her back and have a talk with the body shop painter...smh!
  9. As I stated in the Truck Section, haven't posted in quite awhile but I have been busy....these were just some slump busting fun that I dug around in the parts box...
  10. Actually owned the exact truck when I first got married back in 83....1983! 307 Cid with a 3 speed on the column and a single Thrush muffler
  11. last pic was going to be the original finished version but decided on a more standard look..
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