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  1. Thank you Noel, that's why i decided to make a triple cab. Cause VW never made one, only single cab and double cab.
  2. Hi Steve, sorry i missed your answer. "My thing" is stated in my signature, everything else does not matter (for me).
  3. Meanwhile i transformed the build into a surf-bus by adding a roof-rack and a surfboard
  4. Thank you, Guy. This car would indeed be mad enough for Pikes Peak or maybe Goodwood.
  5. loool - the circuit is called "Lewis' nightmare"
  6. Thanks you very much, guys!
  7. Finally managed to make some photos of my latest build: The RB32. Here's the WIP thread with all background infos, therefore in this thread i'll only share the photos. Enjoy!
  8. I decided to make a 24th scale helmet to add to the model. The helmet is 3D printed, i have the .stl file from thingiverse. The visor is scratch built from clear plastic, mounted with metal pins. I have to make it a bit smaller cause like this it looks like a 70s helmet. Then paint in blue/silver and the visor in black.
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