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  1. $32 still a bit shy of what we pay here....
  2. I guess, it won't be long till Italeri re-releases that kit, cuz they're working their way down the former Esci back catalog.
  3. There are many threads similar to yours and mine, therefore probably that John Shoe hinted towards adding a specific section to group all these kinds of wish-lists.
  4. Could the front clip of the Revell be adapted to fit the Mpc kit, or the grilles/headlamp assy'? (Don't have the Revell kit myself, that's why the question)
  5. It was the next best thing, cuz don't have the magical powers Michael has
  6. Could be a great support vehicle for a Baja type of racing or for dirt bikes (I probably mentioned this before a few time ) A pitty too that the original Mpc Dodge window van was altered, think that kit would be a great base for a Polar bear expedition vehicle, adding 4x4 (Champion Home Builders Co) and a luggage rack for the backpacking bear spotters.
  7. You asked for it, do hope you will find a way to cope with what you unleashed The Ultimate "why don't they make a" why don't they make a.....tread!!!!!!!!!!! - General Automotive Talk (Trucks and Cars) - Model Cars Magazine Forum
  8. Wondering why there’s no model kit of car/truck, x,y,z, here’s you chance to be heard, list as many as you’d like, BUT also do say WHY you want it! Tread inspired by John Shoe Round2 -- AMT & MPC Kits for 2021 - Page 9 - Car Kit News & Reviews - Model Cars Magazine Forum don't kill me Joe, Ha! BTW It's weekend, so let's go nuts!
  9. Got your attention now didn't I 😉 Anyway, for argument's sake, let us assume this is true and some model company is looking to release Street Machine versions of existing kits, kit like for example; '60s 'early '70s Mustangs, Chevelle's, Coronets, Chargers, GTO's, Torino's, Chargers, etc.... What are the parts you think must be included with these? How to proceed: - Pick a model kit - Pick the era (70s/'80s/'90s style) - name the parts you would like to see included (please be specific) - Idea for artwork/decals And repeat as many times as you have ideas for.....
  10. An unboxing of this kit, in Spanish.... (2) 👉 UNBOXING #70 MG Metro 6R4 1/24 BELKITS | CHRONICMODELS (ESPAÑOL) - YouTube
  11. No need to modify the tooling, just tool up a new body and the parts that go with it. Once you have the 3D design, the tool is just a vehicle, which makes Round-2 (or any other company for that matter) less vulnerable to China's woes. I do hope that during this pandemic when the money came in by the truckloads, the toy and hobby industry wisely invested all that money in new technology, so that in the long run the R&D is less expensive and the tooling can be made by whoever is the cheapest. Just my 2 cents
  12. Hi guys. How is the ride height raised on a Wrangler, different leaf-springs, extensions to the spring mounts? TIA Luc
  13. It's here!!!!! Much more (kit review and build) on Guido Kehder's website.... Pic courtesy of Guido Kehder. Heller/ Glow2b Renault ESTAFETTE Gendarmerie M 1:24 - Die Leitplanke (die-leitplanke.de)
  14. In a perfect world with lots of ROI, the folks of Round-2 could tool up a coup version of this model, with stock, drag and racing parts, even including extra parts which didn't made the cut with the original Ertl era release, like the ribbed taillite panel (yeah I know it differs, coup to FB) and for those of you who say, it difficult to modify existing tooling, there's no need to modify just tool up new! The reason a satellite approach when creating new tooling makes so much sense, careful planning (parts lay-out) mix and match and you have several releases. Cheers Luc
  15. I see the Manta 400, but not the others (yet) I've bookmarked their page and from now on will check on a regular basis. Thanks for the info Don!!!!!!!!
  16. Hi all, the following came to my attention, they're included with a magazine which is only available in Germany, Switzerland Luxemburg and Austria. Maybe our German board members can give more info, about these. But I do hope they will sell like hotcakes, I'm in for a few if I find a way to get them to Belgium Opel Sammlung 1:24: Alles zur Opel-Sammlung von Hachette - Abo-Sammlungen - Das Wettringer Modellbauforum (wettringer-modellbauforum.de) Bummer....just found out that my favorite car the Opel Commodore (A) GS/E is sold out!
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