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  1. Emory 911K https://www.motor1.com/news/359612/1968-porsche-911k-outlaw-emory-restomod/
  2. Looking good Jason. Your build is inspiring me to build my 911 outlaw. Keep it going.
  3. Beautiful cars. I'm working on a few of the Fujimi Porsche kits myself. Where are the wheels and tires on the yellow car from?
  4. Hmmm... http://www.minimanfactory.com/en/kraz-255b-russian-6x6-heavy-truck-1-25-i33/
  5. Ben - I've thought about getting the Bussing and Krupp. I might have to take a second look.
  6. Michael - It would seem you may know if this kit was the only kit produced by Lassen Project. Are they still available? If they did make the 1953 Series 401 with the closed cab and snowplow, how do I get one? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Also, your build is beautiful. I plan to do light weathering as well, no rust though. I'd also like to place some type of load in the back, agricultural in nature. Bails of hay maybe? These were originally designed/built for agricultural purpose. Any info or advise on the build? Any fit problems I should plan for when building?
  7. Scott - Thanks. I have some other kits I'd like to post in the near future. Matt T. - Although not completely positive, I believe this may have been the only kit produced by Lassen Project. I have seen sample artwork for the 53 Unimog Series 401 closed cab with a snowplow in my searches. Most of my web searches always bring me to forums in Dutch/German/French. I've used Google Chrome to translate but haven't had any luck finding more info. I came across this kit by chance and have yet to find another here in the US. I've gone on Dutch hobby sites and have seen it listed. I've sent a few e
  8. This is my first “real” post here on the forums, minus a very brief intro. I haven’t built a model in about 16 years, although my collection continues to grow. I consider myself a collector at this point in time, with a hard drive and book shelves filled with reference materials/photos for future builds. I pulled a kit from storage that I thought might interest some. Its a Lassen Project Unimog Series 401. It’s based on the 51 Mercedes Benz Unimog. The closed cab wasn’t available until 53. The kit has been in storage for some time now. The shrink wrap was broken long ago, but this is the first
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