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  1. Beautiful job on the conversion! Wanted to do one myself, ever since I was a kid. I too have to wonder why they never offered a convertible. Even more of a mystery is why they showed off that one prototype to the public, the way they did. Oh well, definitely a piece of history!
  2. That turned out great, love the color. Crisp and clean, like all your builds! 😎
  3. Totally sharp, looks just right from every angle! 😎
  4. “Uh, I think we’re parked, man”. That is cool beyond words. 😎
  5. My Moebius ' 65. Since the ' 64 Falcon I built got a 427, I used the twin four setup from the Trumpeter kit on the Comet
  6. "I didn't do much to it", he says. Yes you did. That's gorgeous, and since I had a 1:1 ' 65 wagon that I wish I'd kept, my mouth is watering even more. Great work! 😎
  7. Sharp as a tack! I don't think the 1:1 cars left the factory looking that nice. And I love the color combo!
  8. Like the ones on the box, that's what I'm after. I believe the stock wheels in the ' 74 truck kits were the same. If interested, I can offer in trade the unused stock wheels from the AMT ' 68 Galaxie. Or perhaps you need the custom hood from the AMT ' 67 Galaxie. I have quite a few leftover parts from some other old annuals, as well.
  9. Whatever this kit’s flaws, there’s absolutely nothing lacking in your skills. There’s some nice detail in these Trumpeter Falcons, and you captured every bit of it. Then add the perfect color choice, for the win. ?
  10. I love Pontiacs, I love those old AMT annuals from that era, and above all I love that color combo! The detail was there in those kits, you just have to bring it to life. I'd say, mission accomplished . . . and then some! ?
  11. I used to have much the same issue, and yes some paints are indeed more prone to chipping. Especially on builds that didn't get clear coated. So, this became my method. After pushing the foil down with my finger, I take a q-tip moistened slightly between my lips, and push the foil down some more with that first. Then I use the wide end of two flat toothpicks, a blunt one and a fine one. The blunt one on the left is one I picked out of the box 'cause it has a nicely rounded end and was just the right thickness. The fine one on the right has been trimmed with an xacto, to give the one corner a b
  12. Speaking strictly for myself, that is without question the nicest looking truck build I have ever seen! ?
  13. I worked as a molder in a foundry, for many years. In metalcasting, those are known as risers. As already noted, they are there to ensure that as the plastic cools, the part in the mold cavity doesn’t shrink. That little bit of plastic pushes against the part until it solidifies.
  14. That's a $20,000 paint job, in 1/25 scale. Simply gorgeous!
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