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  1. I really like that... Its looking really good so far... Id love to get my hands on that Optimus Prime in the background....
  2. That judge was a real ... The words I wanna use to describe him would get me banned... And the court appointed attorney was about as smart as a box of rocks... yea, if my dad does come back with some more violations, He will reinstate the original sentence plus additional ones... All I can do is pray that I am left alone ... Im beyond over it...
  3. Guess I shoulda updated this.... Hearing was on the 4th of December and what a crock.... The judge found me guilty of 4 violations... because my phone is with Vonage, my father claims without having proof that i called from a Vonage calling card which I have a land line with Vonage that works through the internet... My number was not the number he claims I called from... And the mail issue... I brought in the verifcation letters from the Post Office confirming I had MY mail forwarded, but because he didnt receive some mail, he claims I tampered with it... According to my attorney, The petit
  4. Crystal Blue Persuasion-Tommy James and the Shondells...... One of my favorite oldies songs....
  5. They laugh at our clothes, they laugh at our hair The girls walk by with the nose in the air. So go ahead, put us down One of these days we will turn it around Won't be long, mark my words
  6. Hi everyone... Happy New Year to you all! I don't mind letting you down easy But just give it time If it don't hurt now then just wait, just wait a while You're not the big fish in the pond no more You are what they're feeding on So what are you gonna do when the world don't orbit around you? So what are you gonna do when the world don't orbit around you?
  7. anyone know anything about couponarific? for some reason its now on my pc and I cant remove it from my control panel...
  8. very nice build... bet getting the front seat to fit in the interior tub without scratching up the paint was real fun and a challenge... Ive built two of these and the seat has always been a bit of a pain to fit...
  9. I was thinking of Big Star, but yes thats the song...
  10. Won't you let me walk you home from school? Won't you let me meet you at the pool? Maybe Friday I can Get tickets for the dance And I'll take you, ooh ooh
  11. I like the way that they walk And it's chill to hear them talk And I can always make them smile From White Castle to the Nile Back in the day There was this girl around the way She liked by home-piece M.C.A. He said he would not give her play I asked him, "Please?" he said, "You may." Her pants were tight and that's ok If she would dance I would D.J. We took a walk down to the bay
  12. thanks guys... Mike, I was just thinking the same thing... hes only going to hang himself...
  13. this group hasnt been done yet.... didnt wanna give too much away.... I don't wanna live here no more, I don't wanna stay Ain't gonna spend the rest of my life, Quietly fading away
  14. All in the Family Game of Thrones That 70s Show Roseanne- yes I love white trash humor Family Guy Threes Company WKRP in Cincinatti King of the Hill
  15. Well there's too many windows In this old hotel And rooms filled with reckless pride And the walls have grown sturdy And the halls have worn well But there is nobody living inside Nobody living inside... Gonna pull in the shutters On this heart of mine Roll up the carpets and pull In the blinds And retreat to the chambers that I left behind In hopes there still may be Love left to find
  16. And so the conversation turned Until the sun went down And many fantasies were learned On that day
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