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  1. Joe Thank you for your reply. Probably will do camo. If so then I have to source the proper aftermarket decals for her. Regards Jerry
  2. Hello all, I hope everyone’s well. I just picked up the Revell B-17G in 1:48 scale at Hobby Lobby. Haven’t built a plane since the early 1970’s. So I do have some questions. Do I paint it in aluminum, Olive Drab, or Camoflage. If I go the Olive or Camo route I know what paints to use. However if I go with Aluminum what is a good rattle can brand to use? I have used various brands over the years with my cars, and trucks but my planes I always did bottle enamels on my planes. Any suggestions, tips are appreciated. Thank you. Regards, Jerry
  3. Thanks Sam. I laid down a second color today. Gloss Black. Coming along well.
  4. For those who have built cabover day cabs would you mind posting pics.
  5. Thanks. Always a fan of the AMT Pabst White Freightliner issued model back in the day. Liked the different colored panels. Frame will most likely be semi gloss Black. Tanks maybe painted Aluminum with Black straps, and a Black visor. Will dull up the wheels.
  6. Also want to do a SD Daycab. Unsure of a few things: Livery. Want to do a fleet unit but the kit precludes this on a number of levels. Most fleets ran the single headlights, and no 10 hole wheels on steer, or drive. Don't want to splurge on resin wheel sets. So if I go the O/O or small fleet route I guess I could use the chrome wheels/ Could use others thoughts on colors. Thanks Jerry
  7. Hello all hope everyone’s well. I have a weird attraction to attempting to build the AMT White Freightliner. This will be my 5th one I am starting. Got the cab from a friend of mine recently and will buy the 75th Anniversary kit at Hobby Lobby. Am planning on painting below the doors either Dark Blue, or Black. Color is Rustoleum Sunset Yellow (Revell Pete 359, KW W900 Cat Yellow I call it). We’ll see how she turns out.
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