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  1. Got a good deal on this a while back. It’s time to do it. This will be close to box stock with some simple improvements. Starting with lowering the front end so it’s not aiming for the sky. I will move the distributor to the front of the engine where it belongs and make some other corrections. Keeping it pretty simple.
  2. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. No I left it basically as a got it. It was a decent build to begin with aside from the paint job.
  4. This is a real nice build. The headlights are great Way to go.
  5. Steven Zimmerman made them. He’s on Facebook
  6. Git a good deal on this guy so I gave him a strip and repaint. Added some of Zimmerman’s beautiful Torq Thrust wheels. Used a 2019 Dodge maroon on it.
  7. It’s 8ft long 18” deep and 11” tall
  8. It’s a custom mix I made for my car.
  9. I have two shelves like this that hold 40 cars a piece. In the process of building a third
  10. It was home with about 85 others!!!
  11. Mark that is the new 73 Montego GT body Gerald Smith and I did. Gerald is casting them.
  12. Can’t even find those anymore
  13. I found the missing one. Lucked out. Can’t find nice rear wheel opening moldings for the life of me.
  14. Hey Larry !! You need to reshape the quarter window if you don’t already know that. It’s longer and more rounded than a Chevelle window. Here’s a couple of pictures of my 69 I’ve been pushing aside for way to long. It started as a Perry’s 68 . I corrected the nose shape made a 69 front bumper and grille and fixed the rear windshield shape. It’s way different from a Chevelle also. I corrected the front and rear wheel openings as well.
  15. That’s literally the twin to mine . Here’s a picture the day I got mine.
  16. Painted it my patience for huge decals is nonexistent
  17. Fail!!!!!!!! Paint job is from 1973 Daytona 500 win!!! Google can be your friend.
  18. The chassis is the same old thing. They added parts to make the engine a hemi. They also made a nice new roll cage to fit this body. There’s is about three different bumper options too. Overall I like this kit.
  19. The Salvinos Monte and Cutlass left a lot to be desired body wise. This Charger is waaaaay better. I’ve got enough built to set it on its wheels. I figured I have to build something for Geralds new Montego to beat!!
  20. Larry sometimes I use PPP tires but most often I use the AMT tires that came in the kit I used for the chassis. I find tgem to be slightly wider than Monogram tires but smaller in diameter. I spend lots of time reshaping wheel openings to match pictures and really concentrate on placing the tires correctly in relation to the wheel openings.
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