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  1. Very nicely done Tomasz! The detail paint work is especially nice. Cheers
  2. Man.. that sits just right, nice job👍
  3. Great looking chop 👍 Im following this one...what have you decided for the paint work?
  4. Nice work ! Looks like its bashed its way through some mangrove stands and croc hangouts..👍👍
  5. Its not plumbers tape, its 'Multi purpose HVAC foil tape'
  6. Well it's been almost 2 years since I lost Riley..and in walks this 3.5 month old stray with no name and no owner looking for her, so of coarse I am fostering to adopt her.. Everyone, this is Ziggy One green eye, one blue, mature beyond her age..loves people, cats, and other dogs👍 I'm in love Cheers
  7. Picking away at a Stroppe racing Bronco.. The 312T4 and a Nascar chassis '55 Cameo are waiting on the bench... Lost two close friends in the last 6 months to Cancer and it just took the wind out of me. I'm really enjoying following along with your builds Chris ..keep it up👍
  8. Looking great Chris👍Please dont stop the updates Cheers
  9. Nice progress! The Tamiya paint looks like it laid down fairly well👍
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