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  1. My dad bought a brand new 62 Impala too with a 283 automatic. He always complained that it was really slow ( that year 283 had 175bhp) . My brother had a used 62 Impala with a 327 /250 bhp powerglide. It was better than the 283, except on gasoline.
  2. Michelle, did you use a 1969 Barracuda and paint the tail lights to a 1968?
  3. I'm a proponent of cutting promo hoods open particularly when kit is unobtainum. Most kits of this epoque was derived from promos anyway. This promo will be great with an ERTL Roadrunner chassis and engine under the body.
  4. I have often thought about converting a drag racing body to stock . You did a great job.
  5. I tried painting white letters on tire with enamel paints in the '70s and found that the paint never dried, just stayed sticky forever. I used white latex house paint and it dried perfectly with no rubber paint interaction.
  6. This is a great kit. Can't wait to see it finished by you
  7. Those skinny Revell Good-Years are carnivorus to plastic. maybe worse than AMT or MPC tires. Painting the tires with black latex paint may protect from damage.
  8. Gary, I am fine,as is your 1963 Grand Prix kit you sold me. I just discovered the Gunzi 1957 chevy existed thanks to you. I don't see any of these kits available outside of Japan and the $100 price is kind of steep. It looks like it can be built as a convertible as it has sunvisors.
  9. While the original AMT 1957 Chevy seems too simple for 2021, it was cutting edge for 1963
  10. So nicely done, it looks like 1/25. Is this the Japanese kit?
  11. I'm not going to criticize this kit as you understand it better than most people do. As a custom , it is awesome
  12. I hated 8 tracks as the players always ate the tapes
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