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  1. The 327 is more representative of the 1962-66 Impalas than big blocks 409s , 396s and 427s. And the valve cover are so unique on the 327. Revell did a nice job recreating it in 1/25.
  2. I started to fit this kit before painting and found the following issues; The wheelbacks are too small and the tires flop off The chassis screws are too small and only 2 fasten end to the body There are tabs for the hood clip but there is no clip All fixable items, but i makes me think that nobody at Round2 assembled this kit before shipping. Maybe the did but said "oh ####!" and thought nobody will notice?
  3. I know original was not a 442. But ERTL was known for taking pictures of original kits to promote reissues
  4. Is this the original kit, or have they already done a test shot?
  5. I agree. A collector might get very mad finding they were bait and switched
  6. I just got my cutlass yesterday. It is very nice. It is not an exact copy of the original. The bumpers are not dated so it might not satisfy those people who are restoring original builders
  7. I will probably buy this kit but I really want the 1964 Nova.
  8. This is a miracle build , Not sure how you hogged out the windows so well.
  9. I think a 1975/75 Camaro would be nice to see again. Even the straight re-pop SSlasher 1972 Chevelle would be welcomed as well.
  10. Better to have the fixed piece glass and let the modeler apply some chrome trim.
  11. I could never understand why AMT put a Blue Crescent engine in this Police car?
  12. That's a 1963 designed kit. I built 2 of these in the sixties and a couple more in the seventies. I thought the front end of the AMT discussed here was better than the Revell kit of the same era. There is a later ERTL issued kit with an opening trunk that nobody mentioned
  13. Yes, it doesn't roll down . It's a chome trim piece ,not a thick B post.
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