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  1. Alrighty, school is in session, and the hot rod master is teaching us how to build a hot rod! Looking awesome as always Dennis!
  2. Oh man, after seeing your other builds, I know this is going to be jaw-dropping also Eric! ?
  3. Very nice Bernard, can't wait to see it in less than a month. ?
  4. There's a couple videos floating around, new from SEMA, and one filmed at the a shop. Chip talks about the A pillar mod, front and rear wheel well openings, the grille, added chrome accents, the top/side window mods, and reworked front wheel well liners
  5. I'm still around, haven't been building as much as I'd like due to the day job, and rescue work, taking up my time.
  6. .......have two in-progress, and two still sealed. Hopefully things get worked out soon enough.
  7. Nice build! What brand and color did you use for the body!
  8. Mmm, mmm, mmm, this is going to be another sweet build!
  9. I used some warm water and gentle pressure to get the A pillars back in position. The roof was slightly warped at the bottom edge of the rear window also. As Tim stated, the front tires are a bit loose on the whitewall insert. I also noticed they were cut slightly off center, ala Rat Roadster. I sanded the the details off of the body, trunk, hood, and roof, for a smooth body.
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