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  1. I know how to scratchbuild chassis that is not what I asked anyways thanks
  2. Does anybody use jigs to scratchbuild there chassis? If so could some of you show me what you use so I can get some ideas. John Pol
  3. I would buy from him if his shipping charges to Canada worn`t crazy
  4. If you put primer under the folk art paint makes the paint more durable
  5. try here https://fireballmodels.info/ John Pol
  6. Ron Olson sells some of his files you can find him facebook and shapeways
  7. I`m sure Andy got the collection pretty cheap and Luke Cee got his already picked out and this buy at the store not online
  8. I did a couple videos on how to make hinges just look up my real name on YouTube
  9. I use 2K clear also and what I do I spray 3 or 4 cars at a time and the thing is its not a everyday thing
  10. Put a chevy motor in a ford that is the way to go
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