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  1. Chuck its pretty funny you say that because as it sits on the shelf there is a bass boat behind it lol , and Chris thanks, I tried really hard to get that "real" look with it, wanted it to look like a it was a daily driver for 20 years. I was thinking that painting the grill guard black might look a little better.
  2. Thanks guys, I'm really happy about how the paint came out too.
  3. Thanks everyone, glad you all like it, and HJRacing I don't know what size they scale out to but they are from a cj-5 kit. I would guess maybe 31's or 33's
  4. I finished this up maybe a month ago and haven't had a chance to post pics till now ,been super busy lately. I built it as a 4x4 f250, scratch build the back rack and modified a grill guard from a bronco to put on it. I haven't decided on a motor yet, I've been trying to squeeze a 460 in it but it might be to tight a fit, so for now nothing under the hood. Overall I like it a lot, my first attempt at a two tone paint job and it came out great, it is a work truck though so I decided not to give it a shiny finish. Hope you guys like it.
  5. Thanks guys, Tim this is from the monogram F250 Kit, it would be good to use for the frame and some suspension parts but to do an 86 you'd have to kitbash the monogram 80 flareside and depending on the truck you'd need a bronco for a fleetside bed.
  6. Man that is one mean lookin truck, Really nice job.
  7. Looks really good, You did a great job on it. Sucks about the windows but then again most models have the windows "down" so it doesn't look weird the way you did it.
  8. That model looks really cool, one of my favorite cars. Your decals look good too. Here's a pic of the one my Dad had last year, that one was the real deal he sold it when we moved (I took lots of reference pics for building).
  9. Thanks Aaron, I agree while it would be nice to have an engine, how often would I go over and lift the hood on my shelf anyway? And I totally agree, a hard top would be sweet for this kit, I thought about making a bakini top out of something. and I'm also super excited for the raptor kit, it has a lot of potential.
  10. Thanks guys, glad you like the pics. JT I would do that but it would leave a hole in the driveway haha. I will probably just slap some mud on a piece of wood and add some moss and rocks.
  11. Did this as an in between projects quick build. It's box stock except for the spare tire on the back and some weathering. I like the kit because of the cool looking jeep when it's finished but I wish it had a bit more detail, mostly an engine. I'm probably going to make a base for it later as well. But for now outside pics look cool.
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