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  1. I just wanted to share some pics of my dioramas that I finished. They are the Duel movie chase scene. The end chase scene from Vanishing Point. A Motion Performance garage scene and a movie car museum. Some of the museum cars were already made into Diecast, but some I had to make. The Hollywood Knights, The Aloha Bobby and Rose Camaro’s. The Lincoln Continental MK III, ( from an original T-Bird hot wheels ) the 427 AC Cobra from The Gumball Rally, The ZZ Top Eliminator 34, The California Kid 34, The Rockford files Firebird and the 55 Chevy from TLB.






  2. Hey Guys, that’s what I was hoping to do...unload everything in one shot! Of course I’ll take a beating on the stuff, I expected that. I just want to get something back for it. If I had to do a table at a show I’d offer a buy it all option. I’m not going to sit there all day to sell an airbrush and a some modeling tweezers. That’s what concerns me. The table will probably cost me 75 - 100 alone.  Thanks for you help.

  3. I didn’t know where else to post this question. I was wondering if anyone could suggest where or how to sell my collection of modeling tools, paints, air brushes, compressor, spray booth, and much more including resin, mags, tires and a few kits of which there are 2 finished bodies ( drag ) and a resin f/c mustang    body.  I’ve had no luck on eBay, I wouldn’t bother with Craig’s list either.  I know you can’t sell on this site nor am I trying, I’m just looking for suggestions.  I know there’s a show at DuPage co fairgrounds, but that’s not until September. Thanks for any help.

  4. Thanks, that is just masking tape cut to size, painted with a sharpie and a decal from a Slixx decal contingency sheet for the lettering on the belt. Also, after looking at pics of the car I noticed the blower hat was different. It looked like a Scot blower scoop, which is a resin piece. Comp resins, I think.

  5. Well, here’s the last one. Like the Flying Dutchman, I started this about a year ago. I followed a SA article, Kemp collection and then started parts hunting.  I finally found a Ross Gibson pro stock hemi engine and using that, a resin body and some fabrication, like the inner fenders, a pro street back half, I started. You could say this one and the Flying Dutchman fell under the “bring back your dead “. 
    These, along with a few others were the last of started but incomplete cars I wanted to finish.  With that being said, I’ve decided to close up shop and retire from building.  Work,  Time constraints and other interests have consumed my time. Not to mention the cost! I’ve enjoyed all the great posts and seeing great work done on this site. I’ll still have to check out all the great models being built. 
    I wish all of you good luck in your builds and wish you all the best.







  6. Hello all, I’ve been away from this for a while. The truck was a resin kit and the car was complete but reworked to look more like the movie car, they both came from eBay, from Australia! They are 1/87, ho scale. I still need to finish the backdrop

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