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  1. Not much difference between removing that amount of flash and cleaning up a seam.
  2. Yep - interesting kits with issues here and there. I've scrounged two '34 Ford coupes and the motorized T coupe as future projects.
  3. I wonder if the box and instructions will only refer to the second engine as a "392" rather than "Chrysler" or Hemi" until they get the Mopar licensing?
  4. No, not Palmer problems. Maybe Aurora problems...
  5. One I forgot: Password. I enjoyed it when I was a little kid in the 1960s, and the old shows hold up now. Plenty of the recordings have survived (a lot of shows haven't!) and are on YouTube.
  6. Bringing back the Polara name would be cool, at least. Monaco does have more of a racing connection, but Dodge only put that name on luxury cars.
  7. I'm in the middle of moving back to California now - ended up using various methods to pack 100-150 builtups, promos, and Franklin/Danbury cars. Many went into 1-gallon freezer bags, then into cartons with corrugated cardboard glass dividers. The more delicate/unfinished ones were bagged, with separate bags for loose parts, then put into individual heavy cardboard boxes which went into the big cartons along with the unbuilt kits. Wish me luck - they're enroute now and there's some real hot weather coming...
  8. Rich, there's a little difference where the hood tucks under to meet the grille, but it should be thick enough to modify. The hood should split along the front edge and the bottom part should be mounted above the grille. I did that on my '64.
  9. Planning ahead for when this kit arrives - just ordered up an original '63 issue NOS interior bucket, rear seat and dash from eBay to get the better detail. They fit the new body just fine!
  10. 1960 Imperial, definitely. What wheelcovers are in your '60 kit?
  11. Thanks Tim! Yes, a bit of newspaper digging revealed the show was held Thanksgiving weekend of 1975. I don't think this was exactly a "win" - probably more of a "participation award" . But nice to get a little recognition.
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