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  1. And coincidentally, several YB-40s show up in that same scene in The Best Years of Our Lives:
  2. Anyone have a junk AMT Ski-Drag Boat trailer frame? I just need it to get one crossmember: It looks to be the right size and the right center drop to make this 2WD Jeep DJ3A front axle I need: Thanks for looking!
  3. ^^^ I'll second Mike's motion, and not just because I was an editor and proofreader for the third and fifth (current) editions of the book .
  4. The engines, props and cowls from the Airfix Lockheed Hudson are what you'll need for the Canadian Stranraer. I had one too, plus the Hudson, but never built it - wish I had.
  5. Quite well indeed! I saw the "Belinda bakes a cake" toon the other day for the first time in 40 or 50 years and I had the song down nearly word for word. Many years ago I had the chance to meet Larry Harmon, the voice and creator of the modern Bozo, when a friend of mine went to make an offer on his Continental MkV: We spent an afternoon with him discussing the car and hearing him tell some great stories, like the time his car got stuck in snow while traveling through the Alps and the driver who came to his rescue turned out to have been General Erwin Rommel's
  6. I've built three of these so far - one was the Revell B-17F clone, backdated to a B-17E - and it goes together very well. The fourth will be a bit different - as it belonged to my dad's Boy Scout troop. He used to tell me about how in June 1946, the BSA had a group called the Air Scouts, and the troop leader had a surplus B-17 flown to a little airport in Paducah, KY - then this photo turned up with my aunt: I was determined to find the serial number and history of this plane. At first online searches revealed no info, but a trip to the Paducah library yielded this: That ga
  7. He did the voices of Tank and Dexter on Hot Wheels - along with Albert Brooks, surprisingly, as Kip.
  8. Pierce Arrow - I know you said "minimal detailing" but I hope you could make it look a bit less toy-like. Good luck!
  9. Long-running project; when I started it was a current-style street machine - now it's a nostalgic late-'70s street machine.
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