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  1. Wow, thanks for the responses guys. I cant find the exact model, but it does seem to be a speeder. I would love to get it and build a garden in/around it. If only I were in Maine. Thanks again guys!
  2. Yeah I was thinking a tractor maybe but then when I saw how wide it was I think maybe some other kind of construction vehicle
  3. Hey guys. does anyone know what this is? the window setup is confusing me. My buddy found it in the woods in maine. this is the only picture I have
  4. Thanks for the good words guys. Here are some shots I took today of the engine and interior. I didn't glue down the roof for the purpose of viewing the interior. I was gonna make a roof rack, and still probably will. I made the wood for it, and bent some wire, but haven't put it together yet. So I decided to throw it in the back, as if the owner just picked up the materials for the project. I did the carpet with embossing powder. The headliner is done also. IMG_1099-Edit by John Burdumy, on Flickr IMG_1110-Edit by John Burdumy, on Flickr IMG_1102-Edit by John Burdu
  5. Thanks everyone! haha thanks. Its an Underwood Master. Its the same exact model that they made a 14 ton version of for the 1939 New York Worlds Fair. http://www.historybyzim.com/2013/04/the-giant-underwood-master-typewriter/
  6. Hey guys, My names John. I've been spending a lot of time on here for the past 2 months learning everything I can, but haven't posted until now. I used to make models when i was younger, but would really just glue them together and never really paint anything. So i don't count them, plus, I was about 12. A couple months ago, for whatever reason, I decided I would get into modeling. So I found this site, did some research, and decided to get the Revell mk1 Mini, as its a car I always wished I could have, even though I'm 6'4". Heres a few pictures of the original layout of part
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