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  1. Tim: I've been off-line with health issues which have benched my own modeling for a while. Being a kit basher, there isn't much I've been able to take from your artwork or from Mooneyez's Stardust, but the last I was on here both of you were creating astounding pieces. Besides the changes in the board, it's gonna take up a lot of time catching up to your work as well. Now that I can start work again, I've chosen the re-issue Chi-town as a close to possible build, but detailing it greatly in the ignition, fuel and slicks department. The other piece is creating a blown pro-mod out of a Glidden p
  2. I've only picked this hobby two years ago, so I have around 7 or 8 finished drag models, about 8 in the closet and 4 on the bench either waiting for custom decals or being pre-primed and put back so I can jump right in if I struggle on one. I do a lot of mid 2000 Revel funny cars, retro's like JJ's early Vega and a Monza I just got and my bastardized Heavy Hugger kit (Ford engine with a GMC blower). But the most fun is buying resin blowers, hats, valve covers, one piece rubber slicks and suspension DIYs. I'll use the Revell top sportsman chassis or mod a pro stock kit into a pro mod.
  3. Good points Cap't (guitar reference for reverb?) Most kit instructions I've found lately say wait 48 hours for decals to dry. As for clear, I've got an unopened can of Tamiya ts-13 that will prolly never be used! Testors one coat for shiny and regular Testors for dull coat protection. Just my experiences.
  4. I believe Testor's "Model Masters" line is also lacquer and states it' a two step process requiring their clear coat to work to it's fullest effect.
  5. BTW, one advantage to Dons DVD is that he goes into thinning the paint, pressure of the pump, custom jobs, etc.
  6. The fold up booth, if it's the same one I have, has a vacuum motor built in for fumes, the stalks with clips for hold parts to spray is separate and it's way too small for painting bodies! I'd recommend staying away from aerosol can propellant and bite the bullet for a pump and gun. Don Yost is a top notch builder and his $20 dvd gives you all the information for the best parts for different budgets, as well as conquering that fear of moving away from spray cans. Alas, I haven't picked it up yet but do intend to. If you have a 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon, you can a beginners acrylic kit from Te
  7. Thanks again all. I'm going to do a spoon test on all Tamiya sprays and then use my Testors ultra gloss clear. Decals are going slowly as these big ones that stretch the side of the entire body and on the hood are very hard to slide off the backing for me. Timing is everything and keeping the water warm. I use a large tray for soaking them so they don't curl up as much. Happy Independence Day!
  8. Thanks again. I'm very cautious about painting and clear coats and have spent my share of Power Purple removing bad base coats. I've finally gotten comfortable with the basics, and if you've seen the decals from this MAD Revell kit, you know why I'm concerned of messing up what I've done so far. The spoon idea jogged my memory from following Mooneyez' thread on his incredible funny car build, so I'll pick some up and start experimenting with Tamiya primer, some leftover Tamiya paint and Testors.
  9. Thanks guys, but as you see when I originally posted - everyone may have different experiences. That's why I mentioned I always use decals so that could be factored in to any responses. The decals I've been running into lately in mid 2000 Revell funny car kits say wait 48 hours after painting before applying. Testors One Coat dries within 24 hours or maybe a little more. I allow the extra time with Tamiya because I apply extra coats and wait longer in between each one (45 mins) after the mist coats. What about the old saying of stick to the same product line from start to finish? I have Te
  10. I've tried both Testors "One Coat" paints (metallics) and Tamiya (still being an amateur at can painting); I've followed Marco's advice concerning mist coats and then following coats for base. As for clear coats, I only had to wait a day or two to apply decals to Testors and the I waited 48 hours before applying their clear. No problems and I'm really not familiar with polishing systems at this time either. As for Tamiya, this whole issue of using TS-13 has got me like a cat up a tree. I don't shoot models that don't have decals, so I'm looking for real world experience using Tamiya produc
  11. This a beautiful example of a blower CF application. However, I work with 1/25 and received a sheet of similar scaled CF. I couldn't even start to conceive how to apply the form I needed for a mid-2000's hat, much less my eventual goal of a pro mod style like this. I ended up cutting out a one-piece paper pattern like an exploded box where you have to fold certain pieces correctly to form a 3D image. Surprisingly it turned out well on the top of the hat, but the sides were weak where folded down and didn't adhere well. Besides that, the instructions required the piece to sit for 4-5 days
  12. In the immortal words of Charlie Brown: "Aaaaarrrrrrggggghhhh!!!!!!" Links I've been finding: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/?showtopic=31664 Tamiya offers no real help, showing a "tag" decal instead of a body decal: http://www.tamiya.com/english/scale/beginner2/3.htm So, based on Bob's info and addl. research, I just shot a 2nd, more improved basecoat on my Avenger body. This time, water temp holding paint can was appr.100 degrees, distance was closer to model body and speed of paint sweep was higher and more consistent. The original paint job had 3 mist coats completely cover
  13. Bob: I thought somewhere I'd read where if you went the polishing route (or spraying clear) prior to decal application, the decals just wouldn't adhere when everything was ready to go. I guess I'll use an old body I have: sand off the existing color on a fender, prime, mist about 3 coats to some spare base, apply a few mist coats of clear and then let it all gas out. Last step will be to apply decal set as usual and put a few on; see if they hold at least a week. Thanks!
  14. Thanks Tony. I saw that option on their color chart and was definitely something of an option,since I use to collect Muscle Machines back in 2002 and there was a '51 Mercury that had a pearl white finish on it. It wasn't hugely different from one of the white '66 GTOs but you could tell. Those little collectibles were fun to fill in on my shelves between the Action 1/24 scale funny cars. The 1/64 Muscle Machines more resembled Rat Fink rods than anything else. They went for around $3-5 dollars retail; I was trying to make shelf space for the models I'm now building and the little cars in near
  15. Again folks: THANKS! 30 days is a light sentence considering the effort I've put forth on these builds. Please take a moment to check out the Fotki link in my sig line to see (roughly) my progress through so far. The "Billy the Kid" Glidden may have been my first serious attempt or it might have been the "Nightmare" (aka Kalitta re-issue) black Mustang flopper. The Frankenstein version of the Hayes pro street (what 351?) was one of my proudest jobs as I'd learned to build my own roll cage by following am73grand's instructions and I added my own front support bars and strut mounts along with ex
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