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  1. These are starting to show up at local car cruises now , but still love the styling
  2. Caught a photo of Marty McFly criusing the streets a few weeks ago..
  3. Nearing the end of another month, sounds like deja vu..several builds are still going on and many are wrapping up or complete I've been slacking big time about working on my project , have zero ambition of sitting at the bench . Walked by it this wknd , and pondered sitting down for awhile..then noticed the sun outdoors. It made me laugh when the thought crossed my mind that this hobby is like that..itll be right there waiting patiently for ya until the times right..like a good dog . Seems ironic now that my builds a Brockway Husky
  4. Really sharp build ! Thats gonna be a show truck
  5. Nice paint Tom I'm just just send my cabs to you for color lol awesome color scheme . For your frame color , had ya thought about a steel color like the stripes to tie them together?
  6. Awesome looking kitbash ! Colors will definitely make this old dog stand out ! You going with a beaten up dump box or day 2 build Correcting the wheel spacing sure does make a difference
  7. Tech sure has changed our hobbies for the better, allowing new builds and faster time to produce. Nice looking project !
  8. Great build Dan , bet ya didn't plan a full blown pit scene when ya started ! Really enjoying watching the diorama develop, and blown away its only been 6 months
  9. Gorgeous paint work on a very challenging scheme! Our 5 yr old especially likes the pink elephant well done
  10. Dan- outstanding work! Wow talk about nailing the appearance, truck and trailer details look great Thanks again for joining the 21 brbo
  11. Fantastic work, the colors look great together ! The longer frame really works too
  12. Looking good! Narrowing the bed really helps the overall appearance of the truck
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