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  1. Thought I’d do a quick work in progress. Started off as the italeri Australian truck and sort of went all apocalypse! Been working on it sporadically over the last few months. Still not sure what’s going on the back yet, but it’ll incorporate the weapons system off of the 1/24 Huey. Cheers, Daz.
  2. Detailing and salt/snow weathering is spot on. Great looking model.
  3. They look like you could jump in and drive off! Brilliant work.
  4. That is looking great. I have the same kit that I’ll be doing as a rallycross version
  5. That is some super detailing on a smaller scale truck. Finish is bang on too
  6. Awesome work. God, you could live in that sleeper!
  7. Cheers Mark I thought it might be ! I think I'll dive in when it comes and see what can be done,
  8. I've just won this on e bay, and wondered how it builds up. I'm not expecting great shakes as it seems to be from the 80's? I can't seem to find out much.seems to be a version of the Street machine Camaro. Cheers, Daz.
  9. Great work on the engine and door cards Ben.
  10. True. I painted the body first as the chassis is silver.Also it gives me a bit of motivation on the rest of the build ☺
  11. Awesome build out of a kit with the worst flash/sink marks/mold lines I've ever had the misfortune to buy. You've created an amazing custom.
  12. Cheers guys. Don't really know much about drag regs. I'm determined to see this one through and make sure it doesn't end up on the ever growing started and stalled pile!
  13. Next one started.? Memorial collection Beetle. This is a two way kit. Stock or Double A/Altered. I've gone with the altered.Stretched pan with a 426 supercharged Hemi.Doors bonnet and boot all open and it's pretty well detailed as a '70's Gasser. Just going to wire the engine and should be good. Paint is Green metal flake. I haven't clear coated it yet, but it pops like crazy in the sun! Cheers, Daz.
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