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  1. Is the resin conversion still available for the '69 Beaumont still available for purchase?
  2. Hello Maindrian Pace, If any are still available I would like to purchase a '69 Beaumont conversion. Thank you for your time and cooperation sincerely JerryStrobel/JustJake

  3. The last win for this body style wasn't even on American shores but Neil Bonnett piloted it. https://pontiacracing.wordpress.com/2017/07/11/pontiacs-nascar-win-in-australia/ https://pontiacracing.wordpress.com/2016/02/28/today-in-history-remembering-neil-bonnett/
  4. Tim you are one very competent and expedient builder of outstanding models and that they are often rare and unique subjects is a nice bonus. Good job with this one also.
  5. I am sure you are right that no sporty Ramblers were run in '67. According to the rule book they were eligible is all I am pointing out.
  6. I believe it was 9 brands. I am pretty sure you could run an Ambassador from AMC in 1966 and it or a Rebel for the 1967-69 seasons. Although I think only Larry Hess' #44 was the only AMC ever run in '66 those American Motor Cars were eligible.
  7. Amazing Job YellowSportsWagon.
  8. The Privateers epitomized by J D, he and like racers were the backbone of NASCAR racing, they are no more and NASCAR is lesser and sadder for it
  9. I am very interested in this Beaumont conversion, been following any leads since I learned that MCG had one long ago but only offers the photo etch now, not the resin parts. So far so very, very good. Good Job. and success with the taillights.
  10. This is the year and race Perry Cottingham tried getting that skylark in http://racing-reference.info/race/1972_Miller_High_Life_500/W
  11. A lot of quality craftsmanship went into your display, well done Sir, well done.
  12. Another Shot of the #87 Olds, a couple more Olds and A Buick that tried Qualifying but Failed at a '71 or '72 Race at Ontario Motor Speedway.
  13. http://www.scaleautomag.com/~/media/import/files/pdf/3/9/7/sca-bu0607.pdf
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