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  1. I just finished up some trades with Vintagedragcrazy and Bismarck. Everything was quick and I hope they are as happy as I with the deals.
  2. Just finished my first trade on the board. It was with "Bigtruck" and went as perfect as one could go. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for all the information everyone. I ended up getting one in a trade here. I'm really looking forward to building that one.
  4. Does anyone know what these usually go for. I like oddball stuff with the crazy custom parts. I'm thinking of hunting one of these down. Thank you, Duane
  5. Used some plastruct stairs for a little hood detail.
  6. I love the old custom parts in these kits.
  7. Thanks to Sledsel this long stalled project is back on track. I haven't built anything in 12 years. My work really took off etc. I'm forcing myself to take weekends of for things like this. It's going to sit on an AMT 58 Edsel chassis and floor pan. I'm also using the Edsel motor. Much more detail than what came in the Galaxie kit and I could care less if its authentic or not. I'll be glad to see it finally finished.
  8. A good friend of mine just finished restoring the real 1:1 car. It's a neat car. Nice job on the model.
  9. What dothe aftermarket resin casters mean when they say use "early" or "late" revell funny car chassis? I want to build a model of one of the cars my friends father drove inthe seventies. Not sure what to get as a donor once I getthe body. Thanks
  10. My F150 isnt very exciting but here are three of my bikes. I built the white and green cb750 seven years ago and just finished the KZ1000 two months ago. The pink cb750 I built four years ago is in a collection in vegas now.
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