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  1. Can’t help but wonder if these Miller kits sell well, if they will bring back all the ‘beer’ sets and actually sell them as sets like back in the day. edit, about time for the bed bugger kits to make a return as well…..
  2. Thanks guys. Jeff, frame color will come to me at the appropriate time, lol. I finally found the info another member sent me back in 2015 for the measurements to drop the cab to a more realistic height and still tilt properly, so I’ll be doing that on this build. I’m also using moebius wheels and some tires from Gary Wallace (GW trucks). So, stay tuned, plan to actually keep working on this when time allows.
  3. Can’t get things right on this planet, but we want to go to another one….. also in the same vein, we don’t know everything this planet has to offer ( mostly just what we can pillage for profit), yet we feel the need to explore other planets….. just my opinion, no offense meant to anyone…
  4. Thanks guys. frame will probably be a darker orange/reddish color I think, but, who knows, lol.
  5. No idea when I’ll get back to this , but this past weekend was a washout, so I started on the Astro, as usual, I started with the cab paint job…..
  6. If you’re still looking, I have these, shoot me a PM with mailing info and I’ll get them out to you as soon as I can.
  7. I think he was leaning more towards nothing like the sound an internal combustion engine makes, no matter how the fuel gets into it. fast is fast, no matter what propulsion you’re using, but after 100 years of ‘hearing it’ go fast……
  8. Model round up shows in stock @59 bucks
  9. My building revolves around the seasons. Winter time I usually spend 2 or 3 nights a week at the bench after work (2-3 hours) and Saturday and Sunday mornings to early afternoon are the norm. This time of year, bench time is almost non existent, between golf leagues and outdoor projects around the house/yard, not much gets built. Last year when the pandemic hit, work closed for 13 weeks, I built a years worth of kits in that time, but I was spending 8 hours a day at the bench😎
  10. From what I remember, it builds up without much drama .
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