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  1. My building revolves around the seasons. Winter time I usually spend 2 or 3 nights a week at the bench after work (2-3 hours) and Saturday and Sunday mornings to early afternoon are the norm. This time of year, bench time is almost non existent, between golf leagues and outdoor projects around the house/yard, not much gets built. Last year when the pandemic hit, work closed for 13 weeks, I built a years worth of kits in that time, but I was spending 8 hours a day at the bench😎
  2. From what I remember, it builds up without much drama .
  3. I’ve got two of those kits in my stash, it’s a BIG box....
  4. As said, the trailer goes with just about any rig,
  5. Waiting for paint to dry gets me in trouble, especially if it’s a ‘good’ paint day ( no dust, paint layed down nice), this normally leads to painting several bodies, which then sit around because something else caught my attention while those were drying , haha......
  6. Somewhere there is a topic called show us your stash, or something to that effect. I have around 8-900 kits in two rooms in the house, I think a majority of the folks here on average have between 500 and 1000 kits, and I’m betting that when shows and swap meets go on again, those numbers will increase exponentially..........
  7. Did this one a couple years ago ,
  8. I also use the super glue trick, except I use a Q-tip, cut the Q-tip in half and you get two useable ‘parts sticks’ and the ends fit nicely in the tamiya paint stands, also makes separating them from the parts easier, cut the cotton off of the part and your done
  9. I try to assemble as many parts as I can before paint. After parts are assembled, I use an alligator clip to hold them, or depending on the shape, I will drill a hole in an area that won’t be seen and use a skewer or something similar to hold the part ( think seats, big rig fuel tanks) , I also use a skewer in the transmission tail shaft to hold the engine/trans assembly to paint that. If you look long enough at a part, you can find some way to clip it or skewer it, lol.
  10. Hi fellas, any chance one of you has a drivers door for said nova? I am in process of doing one up for a friend , and had catastrophic hinge failure on the drivers door. Pretty sure it broke when manufactured , broke right at the rivet point, as all I did was open the door and poof. To add insult to injury, I glued the hinge back together, and then the pivot point broke . So, long story even longer, I’m in need of a door for this project. thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
  11. Reminds me of an electric shaver.....
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