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  1. I'll pass since I don't like black interiors or the exterior color (and don't have the ridiculous amount of money it will sell for)!😃
  2. Yes, that should be a great kit for truck fans and congratulations to Round2 for making the effort to improve it!
  3. I don't know about others, but I have difficulty displaying many 1/25th models at a time. The Auto World series of 1/18th cars (especially the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals series) take up substantially more room to display. I probably have about a dozen of this scale and none on display. It's too bad that series isn't in 1/25th scale.
  4. I heard on a Detroit radio station this morning that with the U.S. green initiative, fuel costs will continue to rise as companies and the government try to get away from fossil fuels by reducing production and consumption. Aside from hydroelectric power, the ultimate goal is wind and solar farms to provide for our energy needs. We all probably heard how well that worked out in Houston several weeks ago! Like it or not, we are headed for an electric car future. Plastics are made with fossil fuels, so I don't see that going away, but plastic prices should be expected to rise. Maybe kits wi
  5. 1. Maybe HE built it? 2. At least the Bengals have been to the Super Bowl. Then there are the Detroit Lions ...
  6. I agree, it shouldn't have a thick "B" post, so why should that be so difficult for model companies to replicate? It's technically not a hardtop since it has a pop-out quarter windows. The trim piece could be a separate item.
  7. You could do the '72-'76 with two separate front clips (the same concept was used on the '71 Ventura Sprint kit). Accurate fit would probably be unsatisfactory like it was on that kit. The potential is there with CAD and 3D printing to make minor changes without a lot of tooling expense. I would be curious as to how the variations of the Ford pickup are selling by body type.
  8. As I recall, the Torino went to a body-on-frame in '72. So you could have the Ranchero GT for '72-79 (that's 8), throw in another 8 for a Ranchero Squire (wood-grained panels). Some varieties could have bench seat, while others could have the buckets and console. You could also have the base Ranchero 500 version. Granted, there are probably no external differences between the '77-'79, but it is still a lot to choose from. As I've said before on this forum, multiple versions of a single tool with different grille, hood, taillights and bumpers would give many variations to build.
  9. That's a great list, and I concur with Miles. Someone at Moebius sure likes the big Ford pickup. Too bad they don't like the Ranchero!
  10. because the '69 Mustang fastback has a fixed (but slim) B pillar; the quarter window doesn't roll down
  11. The least kitted bucket seat performance models of the 1960's era: '64-'70 Catalina 2+2 ('68-'70 were only available in Canada) - we won't count the abomination of the '65 Bonneville into the 2+2! '61-'66 Starfire (only Jo-Han's '63) '64-65 Jetstar 1 '65-'72 GS (only AMT's '66 and the Monogram 1/24th '70 GSX) Then you could also do others such as the '62-'63 Grand Prix, '66-'68 Grand Prix, '67-'68 Marquis, '67 Monterey S-55, '68 Mercury with the woodgrain option, '67-'68 Polara, '67 Marlin, Lincoln Continental Mark III, '69-'71 Sport Fury or '70-'71 Sport Fury GT, '6
  12. I've thought the same thing. IF Round 2 could get licensing rights and 3-D scanned unbuilt Jo-Han kits and promos, that would be be another opportunity to bring back lost models. But I think the odds are about the same as the U.S. government paying off its debt!
  13. I didn't know there was a "New" Monkees. I remember the original put-together group.
  14. AMT went to the non-warping plastic in '61 on a few models. I have a yellow Starliner and a Falcon with no warp. The only Falcon that really warped was the '60, so I bought the kit version in styrene. I went to Hobby Lobby today and got a '66 Wiidcat to scratch build a correct interior with Evergreen plastic. I also got the Schwinn 10-speed bike.
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