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  1. I always recommend getting the Tamiya static display brush to remove dust and static charge between coats. It takes care of 90% of debris.
  2. You did a phenomenal job. Your spray carbon work was a nice touch and personally I think it's more realistic than the decals when done right.
  3. Ah so they are acrylic lacquer in the vein of Tamiya? Could these be cleared with TS-13 in that case?
  4. Hey guys not sure if anyone has come across these. But I just noticed my local hobbytown carries Revell Acrylic Spray Paints. I decided to pick up a can of the Aluminum paint and give it a shot. I have to say I am very impressed. It lays down very smooth with a fine metal flake. I'd be curious to try their other colors. They are expensive though. Cost me $9 a can. Not cheap but I could see these being useful for mass painting of parts that need silver or black, probably interior colors as well. I'd love to see how fine a flake their silver is and if the gloss spray is shiny enough for bodies.
  5. To be honest Vallejo has become the best brand all around for acrylics, airbrushing and hand painting. I pretty much use them exclusively, along with a few model master metalizers and tamiya metallics. Vallejo air black is excellent. If you want a slightly shinier semi gloss black I'd go with Tamiya lacquer semi gloss black in the glass jars, or the zero paint equivalent.
  6. Thats a really pretty shade of red. Which one did you use? Was is it their lacquer clear as well? I stay away from Duplicolor paints because of the humidity of where i live. I also tend to get ghost lines with their stuff.
  7. Hey guys I was just curious if anyone tried using the Vallejo Metal Colors to paint a body with? If so what clear coat would be suitable? I know Vallejo makes a gloss varnish specifically for these paints but I dont know how durable it is. I imagine 2k would probably work as well as future clear.
  8. Personally I prefer 1/24. Its the perfect small scale that maintains realistic proportions. Too often I see 1/25's that have that toy look because they are just a hair too small. Some 1/25's are perfectly fine though, you just have to research the kits individually. Going forward I would hope Revell commits to 1/24 full time.
  9. Take a toothpick and shave it down to a fine point with a razor blade. Use that to apply tiny details. Works great for dashboards too.
  10. Probably a Tamiya MK4 Supra. Well detailed, reasonably priced usually, and looks great in multiple colors.
  11. Very sorry to hear you can't continue your excellent work. Not sure in which way you are suffering sir but I wish all the best for you.
  12. My only idea that they would make a Defender 90 or a Discovery I or II. I'd buy all of them.
  13. Did you wash and sand the bodies before priming? This looks like the primer might have been sprayed too heavy on a part that may still have mold release agents on it. Tamiya is definitely the best out there in a spray can primer but Duplicolor is usually a pretty great sandable primer in its own right.
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