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  1. If you're only looking to touch it up. I wonder if you can use a lacquer clear? Or will that not blend in to the 2k clear?
  2. Whats the curing time? Typically enamels are slow drying and soft compared to lacquer.
  3. I've read about those too and found those conclusions about a closed ventilation system. I've also seen many forum threads saying the organic filters do protect from isocyanates but 3m can't market them that way as a means to cover their ass. To be completely honest I'd like to see some studies on hobbyists and their exposures to paints, lacquer, enamel , 2k, and the like. I've always worn a respirator unless I was airbrushing small amounts of acrylic paint. But even still, a hardcore model car enthusiast may very well put themselves at risk for cancer if they don't take precautions. Ma
  4. You could use a clear coat or dip it in future floor wax like GLMAA1 suggests. Then you could add a wash and some weathering to really make it pop
  5. I've avoided using 2k for a long time for the concerns you all have voiced but I decided to give it another shot and and make it as safe as I can. I sprayed a 67 Corvette today and the 2k clear went on beautifully with my ps 290. I wanted to revisit 2k when I had a better airbrush because Ive grown so tired of having perfect lacquer finishes ruined by small accidents and paint chipping. It's caused me much grief and stalled many projects. 2k is an extremely hard finish that is sure to last. This was the mask I purchased in addition to the 3m p100 cartridges. https://www.amazon.com/gp
  6. Thanks for looking into that for me. I actually talked to Sam at Splash Paints and he pointed me to the p100 cartridges for 3m masks. I got one with a full face shield as well on Amazon. Maybe overkill but I know that if i use goggles and respirator separately that I'll misplace one or the other often lol.
  7. Hey guys I'm looking to spray some kits with 2k clear and I was wondering what kind of respirator everyone uses for that? I know 2k can be particularly dangerous. I almost bought the 3M A1P2 respirator but I wasn't certain this would be enough. I'll be spraying outside in my garage with a spray booth. No fans running on the booth however.
  8. I've never had that happen with their airbrush paints after sufficient drying time. That's true of the brush paints but thats probably because it hasnt fully cured. I actually kind of like that because if I mess it up I can scrape it away with a tooth pick.
  9. Vallejo is one of the best paints out there. Their air model paints are very easy to use and clean easily. One tip I would add, is the Air model silver paint is excellent for brush painting as well. In my honest opinion they are pretty much the best stuff out there right now. I would not hesitate using vallejo on everything except bodies and particular metal finishes or black underbodies that would be better served with a tougher lacquer finish. It has supplanted Tamiya for my uses, but I do have a few jars of Tamiya flat aluminum because I like the cast aluminum look it can deliver, and their
  10. Might have to give this a shot. Looks like with some light sanding you could get a smooth surface for painting quite easily.
  11. Haha oh no not at all. I don't play rough with them. It's just been my experience that I've had many successful and near perfect lacquer paint jobs ruined by small chips and rub offs on corners and what not. I know that can be mitigated but I'd like to try using 2k and put my mind to ease.
  12. The idea would be for a harder layer of protection for the paint. Although lacquer is good it can wear and chip with even minor handling. Thanks for the responses guys!
  13. Hey guys just wanted to ask if I would have any trouble painting 2k clear over TS-13? I have a few kit bodies that I've painted well over a year ago so I know they are gassed out. They were cleared with TS-13. I'd like to use 2k clear over them because the bodies have a lot of sharp edges that I think could be at risk for chipping with a regular lacquer. Would just like confirmation that someone has done this. Thanks
  14. I don't think the orange peel is that bad first off. You just need patience and elbow grease to polish it out. Be careful sanding down clear. I try not to do it all much anymore. I like to leave the clear as thick a layer as possible to protect it. Ill use compound but I dont sand unless the orange peel is super serious.
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