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  1. Yes it is the Coddington kit, photo of the box is in the workbench section, Color is a Testers lime metalic
  2. very nice ,good color choice
  3. Just finished up this one tonight, hope you guys like it
  4. Very Nice, love the color
  5. just picked up this kit today, early stages of mock up. A couple of pics of the progress so far
  6. This was a glue bomb re-do not perfect but overall happy with the end result.
  7. Hi gang, I was in the mood for a quick build,1/24 metal pre painted body with suicide doors and rumble seat,no mods just built it as she came out of the box, she will be at home with the rest of my hot rods. Hope you like it, Happy New Year y'all
  8. I built the same kit,it was alot of fun, I thought about chopping the roof also but just went with a lowered suspension ,cant wait the see the finished car ! cheers
  9. I had the same issue ,there is a lot of gap in between the windshield opening and the glass,what i did is build up the inside with putty and sand it down until the windshield fit better,then paint inside the cab and out and ,then apply a very small amount of cement on the sides with a q-tip and hold until it sets,hope this helps.
  10. This kit was a bit challenging,fitting the body to the frame and tailgate required some modification,tried a different technique on the paint to achieve a satin type finish rather than all out gloss,not perfect but overall happy with the results.
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