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  1. Really coming along on this one. That whole chassis looks the part brother.
  2. Dive Nine made on in 1/24 scale in 2016 but finding one right now will be a bit tricky. Hiroboy has them listed but is currently out of stock.
  3. Thanks for the input Rusty. I've still got a clear coat, cals and a flat coat to go but all of the finishes that I end up with have a slight sheen to them. 262's and late war German aircraft fall into a weird category in regards to color and finish. At that stage in the war materials of all kinds were very scarce so some of these 262's didn't have any paint at all and the paint that they did manage to get onto the aircraft was applied in super thin coats which didn't stand up to weather very well. You'll see some birds that have a noticeable shine and those seem to be the ones that hadn't had
  4. Jeez!!! Where tha heck have I been??? Will be watching this one Mike!!
  5. Thanks Rusty. Dunno bout that home stretch but we're getting there. lol I had a chance to do the sides over again as it just didn't look right to me. I reapplied the RLM 76 (light blue) on the sides and came back over it all again with the gray mottle pattern. Now....it looks a little more like it.
  6. Man this is looking GREAT!!! Very nicely done on that paint. Doncha just love this modern age of technology that allows us to put cool stuff like that front wheel you've got on there. Nice!!!
  7. Honestly Jerry, while there are some really good paints to use for bare aluminum these days I'd stick with camo for now so you can get the feel for building aircraft again. I was always pretty partial to the G variant as it just looked bad a$$. I've recently ventured back into the aircraft realm myself after switching to cars 7 years ago and am having a really good time with it. Looking forward to your build. If you need anything input wise lemme know and I'll do my best to help you out, Joe
  8. You guys and these figures just blow my mind. Great job on this so far Dave. One day I'd like to try my hand at one. Actually I'd like to try a few and then tackle a Mad Max figure.
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