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  1. Been a bit since I've been in here. Lots happening here at home these days. LOTS!!! This will most likely be my last update till she's finished which aint all that far away. Still got the canopy to paint and install, gun bay panels to open up, aerial antennae and last little details to install. She's now on her feet.
  2. Very VERY interesting and cool build. Never seen one of these before this thread.
  3. I really appreciate that very generous comment Benton! I used stretched sprue for the aerial antennas. Thanks Tim! I've been wanting to go to that place. Get to see all the really cool stuff there.
  4. That right there is gonna make for one sharp Maverick. Glad to see you back on this one Tim!!
  5. This is lookin' good potna!!! Wow!!!!!!!!!!
  6. This right here..... speaks VOLUMES to me. All the fabrication, modifications and attention to detail all come together to produce such a high quality product that one just can't help but to be impressed. Francis.....you are, without a doubt, one of the very best modelers I've ever seen.
  7. Got the washes on and went with a friends advice and applied a light colored wash on this and then gradually worked my way to darker washes on the sides and then a dark wash topside. Bottom side pic: and then I ended up going with my dull coat all over the whole bird. Got some subtle weathering, soot signatures from the guns and some silvering to do around the access panels and the painting / weathering process will be done. Then its off to landing gear, canopy and finishing bits....
  8. Good lookin' build Ken and you're right....it's nice to have a change of pace every now and then.
  9. I do this all the time and that was a great tute Steven. On a note about antenna wires/ cables on aircraft. After the ends are attached to the fuselage and rudder, the "antenna" has a tendency to sag. Heat a metal rod using a stove burner or flame from a small torch and after removing from a flame place the metal rod under the lowest point in the sag. It only takes a second or so and the "antenna" will start to sag more. When you see this happening quickly remove the rod and the antenna / stretched sprue pulls taught. Dangdest then you ever saw but it works. I used this method on my
  10. Thanks Carl. Gonna have to make it back to auto modeling. I'm getting the jitters. lol
  11. Gotta hand it to ya Pat. That right there is born of creation. Very cool and interesting build.
  12. This just gets better and better every time you post an update Simon!!
  13. Thanks Mike!! I hear ya on the cockpit or even engine details for that matter. lol. Been there and done that too many times. Builds like this or a He-111 or Ju-88 pay off in dividends in regards to cockpit/ interior detailing. The 234 was indeed a highly successful aircraft for the time that it was employed (which wasn't all that long).
  14. I've seen this one built up a few times and it definitely makes for a good conversation piece. Neat build.
  15. Such a beautiful build Tom. Man you've gotta be proud of that!!!
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