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  1. Many thanks for all the kind words! Sorry Len, no build photos, I was on too tight a schedule to take time out to take pictures! Gene, the piping was accomplished by painting the seats white first, then applying very thin strips of masking tape and spraying them black. I use Tamiya brand masking tape and swear by it. After removing the tape, some touch up was required using a fine tip brush and a steady hand! Jim, I used Cadillac White Pearl paint code 800J from Automotive Touch-up. It is a 3 part paint, base coat, mid coat and clear coat. I bit of a pain to spray, but that's what was on the a
  2. I finally finished my latest project, a 1967 Camaro SS 350 convertible built for my daughter's boss and good friend of the family. He owns the actual car and my daughter wanted to surprise him with a scale model of his car for Christmas. She presented it to him this past Monday and he was bowled over! Good to know it is in a good home where it will be appreciated. It is basically the Revell 1967 Camaro SS kit combined with the rear deck and interior tub and seats from the Revell 1969 Camaro SS Convertible. I started this one back during the summer and if it weren't for so many of my fellow JSM
  3. Thanks! Although I didn't consider it a "sucky" kit per say, just old and in need of a little TLC. It sure does look the part of a '65 GTO so at least they got the body contours right! And thanks to all the kind remarks on these, and for the compliments on my photography. I keep working at improving it and I feel I am getting there! Nice to know others agree! Tory
  4. Thank you all for the compliments on my GTOs! It seems the color is a hit.
  5. Exactly! And there are tiny differences between them, the original is a lot cleaner, specially the raised lettering on the body.
  6. Thanks! The gauges are hand painted. I primed the dash with Tamiya flat white primer. After giving it ample time to dry I did a Testors flat black wash. When that was good and dry, I took a tiny piece of 600 Wet or Dry sandpaper and lightly sanded the high spots until the white base coat showed through nicely. I did some touch up with the flat black and then when it had time to dry I cut tiny circles of masking tape and masked of the bezels. I then airbrushed on the Brown acrylic wood color. That received a dark brown wash as well to give it a more "wood" look. When all of this was done and th
  7. Thanks glad you like it! The wheels are the AMT Rally I parts included in the kit. They are actually very nice if you take the time to paint them carefully. I painted the steel wheel areas Tamiya flat aluminum and the centers and slots with a Testors flat black wash.
  8. I finally got around to photographing the pair of 1965 GTOs I built back over the winter. They were built for my model car clubs "Showroom Stock" Contest and were meant to be entered as a pair, sort of a his and hers thing. Unfortunately I wasn't aware that the rules state only one model may be entered and so I had to pick one. I went with the convertible and it didn't win, but was very well liked anyhow. The Convertible was built from an original AMT 3 in 1 kit from 1965. The hardtop was from a later reissue of that same kit. Since the kit was designed to be built either as a convertible or h
  9. Hi Terry, That looks to be the work of Dave Young, a very good friend of mine! Also one of the most talented builders I've come across. I don't know whether or not he drops in here and I can see this thread has been dormant for years, but anyway, the mystery builder is solved. Tory
  10. Again, many thanks for all the kind words on my Wrecker! As I mentioned, I had hoped to add additional details to the deck, as it does look a little sterile for a work horse. Here are some photos of what I have done since the original post. The tool box, floor jack, gas cans, broom, shovel, fire extinguisher, spare hook, and wood planks were all included in the wrecker kit. I scratch built the boxes for the chain and gas cans as well as the rack that holds the broom and shovel out of Evergreen Styrene stock. The chain was purchased at a Michael's Craft Store. The securing strap for the 50 gal
  11. Thank you all again for all the kind words on my Wrecker! I am so glad it has found favor here. I am currently putting the finishing touches on some accessories to add to the back to "busy" it up a little. When they are in place I will post some additional photos. Jacobus, I am honored to be an inspiration for a restoration of your old Wrecker. Glad you like the color, I thought it worked well for this vintage truck. Tory
  12. Gator, Thanks for the suggestions. I'm thinking the ratchet strap might be the easier way from a modeling point of view, although since this truck is meant to be from the late '60s-early '70s would that have been in use at the time?
  13. Wow, beautiful model Clayton, love the color combination and detail you added to the bed. Thank you for sharing the link! Terry thanks for the suggestions I will certainly keep them in mind as I attempt to clutter the bed! Tory
  14. Thank you Clayton, that is extreemely helpful. Are more photos of your rig posted here? I would love to see all of it, looks like a beautiful model!
  15. Thanks again guys! The more I look at it the more I feel it needs a little more "clutter" in the back. Since the kit came with a bunch of accessories, I've decided to paint them up and add them to the wrecker body deck to "busy" it up. Also, I think the 50 gallon drum needs to be secured somehow, any of you truck experts know how this would be done in real life? Would they wrap a chain around it? Bungee cords? Any suggestions would be welcome. As a matter of fact, if any of you think it might benefit from other things added (chains, cables, tools, etc.) let me know. Thanks. Tory
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