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  1. I'd like to get the shorter nose version like the yellow one pictured.
  2. Thanks for the comments guys, glad you like my creations.
  3. Rick you are right. Using my technique you can build any truck as long as you can get the photos to work with. Sergey, I try to complete the models with a full complement of lights, including headlights, clearance and brake lights. On the Western Star with the refer, that totaled 97 lights.
  4. A walk around of the Mack Ch Rawhide I drove last year on a produce run, pulling a 48' refer.
  5. What would be the scale wheel base? it looks long compared to the Stardust Cuda, which I believe was either 118" to 120".
  6. When will these be available to purchase, if you are prepared to market them.
  7. Photos I took of a Western Star I drove on a California produce run, pulling a 48' refer.
  8. Photos I took of a Western Star I drove on a California produce run, pulling a 48' refer.
  9. Flamed Pete is in Long Beach. The black Pete is at truck stop on Manning Ave off Hwy 99 southern Ca.
  10. It was built in 1991 and is indeed a 1:1 scratch built model. The second photo shows it being used as a photo prop at a special event featuring Elvis, Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison look a like performers.
  11. Hey John your old build looks dead on! Crazy... here's my 44 year old build, 1971 Camaro. Not box stock.
  12. Fantastic. I'd like a set for my 1/8 Cuda F/C I'm slowly working on.
  13. Built in 1974, my 1/25 scale blown, fuel injected, nitro, Ed Pink Hemi. This is the bullet from my kit bashed 1971 Camaro F/C.
  14. These are two of my recent rides. Mack Chu 613 Rawhide and a Mack Pinnacle with a 48' Refer on a British Columbia to California produce run.
  15. Drove this truck on a west coast produce run last year. This Mack was very unique at the truck stops and turned heads everywhere I went.
  16. This shows the photos cut out, some of the construction and the finished tractor.
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