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  1. I don't believe that you have any tire marks on parts in a sealed kit. Jo-Han introduced a new patended frame pack for the Gold Cup kits. I own several old kits of this series, non of these have any tire marks. But open the kit is the only way to be sure.

    1931 Jo-Han Pack-100_Bildgröße ändern.JPG

    1931 Jo-Han Pack-101_Bildgröße ändern.JPG

  2. Here are two unusual kits that I own. At first the colorful Belarus MTZ-100 in 1:20 scale. Crisp molded parts in relatively big scale from a russian manufacturer.


    For a detailed view please visit: http://www.modelencyclopedia.com/DisplayWholeItem.php?ItemId=6379

    At second the 1924 AMO F15 in 1:24 scale. This kit was produced in the GDR for the russian market and has steerable wheels, but no engine detail.


    For a detailed view please visit: http://www.modelencyclopedia.com/DisplayWholeItem.php?ItemId=6378

  3. Would be interesting to see if that German version is a rebox or copy of the Pyro kit.. maybe the scale is wrong on the box.

    This kit was produced in the 70s in East-Germany (better known as GDR :wacko: ) and was the first steps in kit manufacturing by Max Krätzer (=MK Modelle). I don't believe that they had a license to copy from original Pyro pattern, so it is more a not legal copy of the kit. Two kits of this types were produced, the "Texan" and the "Jersey Bounce". For more Informations about kits from MK-Modelle I have created a Facebook site. https://www.facebook.com/pages/MK-Modelle/532990283393483?ref=hl

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