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  1. Very nice clean build!
  2. Love these old pro stock race cars. Very nice.
  3. Really nice paint! Excellent detail work. Engine turned out great.
  4. Thought i would post some pictures of some of my older builds from day's gone past. This is a monogram 1981 Imsa mustang gtx. Built this in the early 80's when they first came out. This was also my first attempt at air brushing. The car was supposed to be white with the red decal's. It's missing a few small parts under the hood. Thanks for looking...........
  5. Speedpro

    King "T"

    The last i heard is Richard Rawlings owns it and its in colorado. That was in around 2016 i think?
  6. Speedpro

    King "T"

    So here is the real car during its resto in 2009
  7. Speedpro

    King "T"

    Nice work! Came out pretty darn good for a kit bash. I have a original issue kit of this car in my stash in storage. Just so happens that i also have a ton of pictures of the real car during the restoration as i put a lot of it together myself along with my boss. I'll get on my other computer and post a pic or 2.
  8. That sir is a downright beautiful 442! Those colors work so well together too. Your effort shows everywhere. Very well done! Paul
  9. Thanks for the comments everyone. ABNSPR, That hood decal is not to tough. Just make sure you have some solvaset decal setting solution on hand. You'll need it to get the decal to set around the opening of the hood. You will also have to slice the decal right where the hood makes it's radius to the opening. You'll see what i'm talking about when your doing it. Also paint the opening edge black before you apply the decal. Paul
  10. So i was digging through some old diecast stuff that i boxed up in the 90's and in the bottom of one of the box's was a shoe box with this in it. I thought to my self, " Wow, There's one i forgot about! ". It's a monogram tom daniel design stinger rear engine dragster. Built OOB but added plug wires and some fuel lines. The rubber blower belt is even still on it! When i get done building my models, they get put in the box the kit came in. I don't display any off my models. This build got put into a shoe box because it would not fit into the kit box being its to long. I was surprised how good i
  11. This is a basic OOB Build. Paint color is MM daytona yellow lacquer. No clear coat. Really nothing special done.
  12. Nice collection of box art build's. All very well done!
  13. I think you did a darn good job. I looked up the real car and i must say, you nailed it! Also watched a video on youtube (Antti Kivinummi - Drag race -kuski 2004) that showed the car in action.
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