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  1. That’s for sure. We need more GT40s.
  2. If you get a reply I’d be curious about the status of the Big block Cobra decals that have been coming soon since 2015.
  3. Any miscellaneous income over $600 is supposed to be reported to the IRS voluntarily via your 1040 tax return you file. However, if you bought the kits for $500 and sold them for $600 your income was really only $100 but Ebay would have not way of knowing how much was your original cost. You can alway report the 1099 income on a Schedule C and deduct your expenses so you do not have to pay very much if any income tax or self employment tax on the gross sales reported to the IRS on the 1099. If you sold a few thousand dollars of models as a collector or hobbyist one time you probably hav not
  4. It’s strange that there are very few pictures online of this particular version. The box probably has the best photo but there are a few I found that show the window net. In the pictures it always looked like a metallic finish to mimic the Folders coffee cans.
  5. Welcome back and you hit this one out of the park. I built the Thunder Valley transkit kit many years as ago before Fujumi did a Mark I body.
  6. I ordered some decals via his Ebay store and got them fairly quickly but perhaps they were already printed. With all the different ones on his website I would expect the turnaround time to be longer.
  7. Yes that is a great price. The Ebay prices on some of the Fujumi kits are ridiculous.
  8. Agree. Now if we only had a source for a more accurate engine. 😉
  9. Extremely nice given what you had to work with and the extra parts you sourced to make a much more accurate engine compartment. I see in the description if you also used the Torino exhaust system to replace the incorrect kit one. 👍
  10. That’s a great deal for $10. Although it’s not stock, I used it as a base for a 76 Cobra II build with aftermarket resin parts and decals. The IMSA style fenders remind me of the Monroe Handler.
  11. Looks great. Snap kits are often overlooked but the paint and detailing make a world of difference.
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