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  1. In a word no. Some contests ask the builder to provide the instructions with the model so a judge would look at the if there was a question about a kit part versus the spruce which if used would be an alteration from the box stock build definition.
  2. Thanks. I am 15 years older than her father. I feel old. 😜. She is a fan of older Fords though. I should have asked her for some driving tips.
  3. Very nice and yes the Boss 429 engine was the right choice.
  4. BMCP guages are to scale some of the accessory guages (oil, temp, etc.) sure are small once you cut them out with an exacto knife or scissors. They are like a photo print in that you do not have to put them in water. I cut them out and use a tiny amount of white glue and press them in with the end of a paint brush and then add a drop of clear glue or epoxy to replicate the “glass.”
  5. I did not find a diecast but I found her.
  6. Thanks to Steve Butler I now have a Farrah to go with the Cobra II. 😃
  7. Agree 100% with everyone. Very nicely done. Are the wiper blades from the kit?
  8. Thanks for the details on the build. It sounds like after trial and error you found the perfect combination. It looks fantastic and I assume well worth the effort.
  9. That would be a cool build. I have pondered doing one but have not found anyone that makes the decals,
  10. I just corralled a three foot black snake out of my shed and let him go into the woods. He was not aggressive and I was easily able to use a pole to carry him. Sure he might come back but the mice will not miss him if he doesn’t.
  11. I’m picking Harvick for the 600 but it’s along race.
  12. Yes. An hour later and he is still celebrating. Well deserved win.
  13. Very nice and the widened Magnum 500’s and gold color give it a sophisticated yet muscular look.
  14. For sure and then the Coca Cola 600 later. Maybe Helio will get a 4th win today.
  15. I am leaning toward the white interior. Anyone think all black would be better?
  16. Unless the showed is judged, then putting a multiple models is the same category in a participant and/or popular vote show would in theory dilute the votes for the person that entered them. Since there are not many truly judged shows except IPMS events, they have strict sweeps rules. If someone build six models and enters six different classes that’s fine as long as the model fits that category. With no shows for the last two springs in most of the country there will probably be a glut of models showing up on contest tables later this year.
  17. Half kidding but if you put that chrome double tail light part on EBay it would probably go for $20.
  18. Parts sent except for the front suspension ones. Post pictures when you get a mock up ready for an in progress picture.
  19. It’s a can I ordered of Dark Aqua (or Gulfstram Aqua) which I have only been able to find online as automotive paint in large spray cans. I may spray more coats as I noticed the hood was not completely covered and I resprayed it.
  20. For the rear panel the newer AMT version includes the end caps so basically you will have to cut those off to fit the old AMT kit. I’m not sure which rear bumper would work n=nest (old AMT Mustang/Shelby) or newer AMT kit. As for the chassis and under the hood, I went with a combo of the 68 AMT chassis with the newer AMT inner fenders. Let’s just say I made it all fit. I’m not sure what it will end up being - maybe a 68 GT390. As for the rear newer panel - I’d be happy to send you one of them as I have an extra. You will need that unless you buy the newer AMT fastback and retro fit the
  21. Here’s a MPC glue bomb I am rescuing along with the AMT body I mentioned with the later issues front flip and rear panel added. Since I want to make something that resembles the Autolite I paid dearly for a MPC clear hood and figure I can probably change anything else I need from whatever parts I have to make the record breaking Salt Flat car. That wild engine is going to be fun recreating.
  22. As Snake45 mentioned the chassis from the AMT 68 GT500 would have whatever you need. As for the louvers, I would try the ones from the newer 67 AMT fastback kit as finding original ones would be difficult. I took and original 67 fastback with a warped front end and grafted the newer front clip and it lined up pretty well. It’s pretty much a trail an error process as original parts are not worth collector prices to me unless they are very unique such as the clear hood for the 68 MPC fastback. I have posted pictures before so if you use the search function you should be able to find some old
  23. Excellent work on another one of a kind model. Glad to see you cranking out some projects that have been around a while. I have found that sometimes waiting a long time allows the aftermarket to catch up and offer parts we could not have dreamed of being available decades earlier.
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