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  1. Looks nice. I built one of these two years ago. It's a great kit.
  2. Cool Looks great. I've been wanting to build my B58 kit for awhile.
  3. That's the look I went for with mine. I bought some decals to make it look more stock, and they dissolved when touched too long. I only got a couple of them on and they were starting to dissolve a bit too. I had to use a little paint to touch them up. They were also not lined up right; they'd start to break a little when moving them into the right spot. The model didn't come out bad, but it wasn't what I wanted either. Looks great. It was a good kit. I just with they had added stock decals as well.
  4. Yeah, the body's the same, but the interior is quite different. Wish my seats were that nice. lol It's a bit more ornate than the production. Glad they didn't got with that much stainless in the production interior; the stainless around my shifter blinds me while driving sometimes. The color contrast on the doors would have been cool as well. Also, is it me, or are the vent windows down in that photo? The production cars are fixed. That would be cool if they did roll down though.
  5. Quite a bit different than the production cars.
  6. Looks good. It's one of your best. The original was probably Hemi Orange. Interior looks good. The shifters are tan and the radio touch screen is blue though.
  7. I hear ya. I got the Bora kit and ran into the same problems. Your model looks good though.
  8. Looks great, I think it's one of your best yet.
  9. A friend got it for me as a Christmas present. Finally got around to building it. The kit started out pretty nice, but ended up being frustrating to build. The fit of certain key pieces is horrible. The cab fit doesn't fit quite right to the chassis. The fit of the bed of the truck, though, is the worst. It does not go together right at all. There's also a huge gap in the bed. The plastic for the windshield and rear window don't fit quite right either. It took a lot to get it looking just this good. SAM_0478 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0480 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  10. It's an old Revell kit. Doesn't look like you're missing anything except for what's under the hood and the decals. You scored a pretty nice find. I wouldn't mind another one myself. This was one of the first kits I ever made back when I first got started and didn't know much about paint, ect. I ended up using the wrong paint and screwed some things up. It still came out OK, but I don't have any good examples of the 63-67 Stingrays. I think your find will work well for what you have in mind though.
  11. Looks like it could be a twin to the one I did when they first came out. It's not a bad kit to pick up. I agree on the decals, they weren't that great. It's nice they're starting to add decals like that to the kit, but it doesn't do any good if they can't be seen once applied. I've had that problem with a few kits now.
  12. Nice. I didn't have a fit issue with the bumper when I did mine. Did have the same problem you had with the mirrors though.
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