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  1. I know ebay has lots. Just checking to see if anyone has any on here to get rid of. the Revell 1/50 scale
  2. Anyone have one cheap Doesn't matter if built or not I want to build something. It needs to be 12-14 inches long and around 3-4 wide. Any help is greatly appreaciated
  3. wood bases will wok good for anything tall That's what I used on the 3ft ferris wheel
  4. They are not too bad to do. Just takes a lot of time. I already sold the large 3ft dimater Ferris Wheel and am in the process of building another one. Also in the process of doing a Merry-Go-Round. I think most will have to be mounted on wood as the flat deck trailers are too hard to get
  5. Thanks guys. Mark you can do it I'm working on a couple more now and have some done yet to post
  6. Check out my site on Facebook. It's open to the public go to. Alan's Amusement Rides and check it out add a like if you like it.https://www.facebook.com/Alans-Amusement-Rides-1856287477993508/
  7. I love those CL9000 trucks always wanted one but never got one
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