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  1. I have one in my stash, it will see the light of day eventually. Nice job, nice and clean.
  2. I would love to say yes Dan They are decals, that came with the kit.
  3. My first ever post here, of what I call a finished model. All positive and negative feedback welcomed.
  4. Thanks also for your advice, I have a few that need some tlc, I think I will look at them all individually before jumping in and deciding that re-painting is the way to, I may get away with a good cleaning on a couple of them. Great job on the corvette, that give me some inspiration and confidence on restoring my lot.
  5. Thanks for advice, it was how to disassemble without breaking them that worried me the most. Now I know how.?
  6. Hi All, I have several old models that have sat in my workshop for years, that originally where not that badly built or painted. Problem is they have over time have got all dusty and grimy. (spray paint residue in the air, general grime and cigarette smoke ) Has any body got any tips on restoring / dismantling these models to re-spar them, and return to their former glory. Thanks, all help appreciated.
  7. This is my first post on here, so please forgive me if it in the wrong place or I am posting something that has already being explored. I am currently building a Revell kit- mercedes benz sls amg and going for an orange scheme that I seen on the internet with satin black wheels. As the kit comes with plated silver wheels, I tried some of the suggestions on here to get rid of the plating. However they didnt work to well ( maybe the household cleaners are not strong enough here in Ireland) As I was also working with Revell colour mix and Revell's new paint remover I decided to give them a go.
  8. Shame really. Would love to get my hands on Cooters tow truck. Like I said, I have The General Lee, Roscos car and Daisys Plymouth. Would love to see some more of the Hazzard icon cars re-produced or as new tooled models. Have seen on line that Enos police car was once produced, but it is now like gold dust..... Boss Hoggs Caddy would be great to top them all off. But like you said douthful... Daisy also, in modern times also had s Wrangler. Thst to would also be nice. Maybe a I am asking for to much :-) (forgive bad spelling, on the phone) Aido
  9. I would like to see more cars from old TV programs that they have done before under the MPC brand (hope I am right in saying that). Some thing like the Boss Hogs caddy or reintroducing Cooters tow-truck from the Dukes of Hazzard. I have the General Lee, Roscos Police car and Dasiys Plymouth. And would love to have the above units to go with them. I can also think of a few more classic tv show cars that I would love to build. Thats my twopence worth :-)
  10. Thanks folks for your nice welcomes. And support. Aiden.
  11. Hello. From Dublin Ireland. Thanks for having me. Recently got back into modeling, after god knows how many years. Making a few silly mistakes and everynow and then getting a bit frustrated with some kits. Hope you guys and gals here will help me out with some tips and tricks. Thanks. Aiden.
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