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  1. hey kerry im just looking for the bigger ones! vince
  2. looking for a set of rear sprint car tires. vince
  3. hey tom i havea set from the gto funnycar that has the judge stripes if that helps you out?


  4. back at you scott was a pleasure dealing with you again!!!!!!!!!!!!! vince
  5. anyone have or know who makes the decals for a 71-75 demon? vince
  6. great trade completed with bigtruck!!!!!!! thanks buddy vince
  7. wouldnt want to part with a couple johans? and the gremlin stock car? vince
  8. need just the body! vince
  9. you still looking i have a new complete one! vince
  10. where do you guys get small nuts and bolts at? vince
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