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  1. Some plastic trees have loops on them, You might get lucky greg
  2. Got the kit through Amazon, It's white plastic thank God, I have to do a another 'Italian Chief' for a retiree greg
  3. Thanks for the info, never had the Malone kits, Can help with compressors from other kits, don't have turbos. made my own. greg
  4. What kit are the directions shot from? greg
  5. Is the current release in white or red plastic?
  6. Peter you should check out Pennsylvania rigs, Moon township trucks used to be painted with 1957 Cadillac blue. Grapeville has purple trucks. greg
  7. While mowing front yard had high boy 32 ford roadster go by, then followed by a 72 chevy II Nova. sorry no pictures­čśó greg
  8. Model: Carburetor gives it away, You would see the butterflies from that angle in the throats. greg
  9. Us old kids that grew up in Northeast Ohio were influenced by a late night TV horror movie host known as 'Ghoulardi' He broadcast blowing up models that were sent to him. Had to see if it was the same in living color as opposed to the B&W boob tube. Ya I lost a couple of models. greg
  10. The AMT double dragster kit had the front mounted 'blower' unit for the front engine drive. You could build it with a single or double engines. My favorite dragster kit when I was young. Nice frame to fit the Allison engine in. greg
  11. What I can recall is that the Jeep kits had the Goodyears. I think there was a set of them in the Pontiac kit that had the ski equipment. The MPC Chevy pick ups had an odd ball tire that had straight cleats across them and didn't look like a snow tire. You might be better off going with after market sources. greg
  12. If you want to scratch build a Mack C (beck) cab it will take 3 AMT ALF cabs. The roof section makes up the round parts of the cab. The custom headlights from the old AMT Ford Ranchero kit can be fudged for the headlights. Old AIM (Jim Etter) cast the cab years ago. Don't know if ATIM has the mold greg
  13. Nice job on the Aero Chief, What is with the new kits that the upper boom does not nest in the lower boom like the old kits? There is picture on the web of a Philly rear mount ladder that matches the kit. Waiting to see the Man built. greg
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