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  1. Great movie: 'Gort Klaatu barada nikto' If I am not mistaken the saucer lands where now stands the Marine memorial. The score by Bernard Hermann was the first use of Theremins in a score'. greg
  2. How about using AMT Mack front axle which might be shorter.
  3. At Home Depot, 62 'shoe box' cowl hood, mags, and bucket seats custom greg
  4. I start with 'banker' boxes, and foam board. Cut the foam board to fit in the box and then place models to fit on the board. Using strips of foam board and hot glue gun I secure the models in a trough of strips so they don't move. A piece L shape around each tire will secure the model. Leave space between models and place the board in the box then put the models in the space you made, You can label each space for the model. I have a balsa wood frame that makes a second shelf and can get more models in a box. I transported many a fire model with this method. greg
  5. Looks good, I did mine many years ago just using 2 MPC pickups and AMT Chevy van camper window option pieces. That's why I have a large 'b' pillar.
  6. Forgot this site for parts: http://www.policecarmodels.com/124spotlights.html greg
  7. The light bar looks 'shop' built. The Scout bar has a mechanical siren, the bronco looks electronic speaker. If you can find the old JoHan parts the 'tin cans' are there and the mechanical siren. The electronic siren can be had from the 70 ford police car. The Baja bronco might have the right tires. Your gold letter might be in some railroad decals. greg
  8. It doesn't like Tamiya clear red over it in taillights. It just turns silver and losses the chrome greg
  9. Isn't interesting that this an 'Adult Collectable' as shown on the front. Well professor set the way back machine to the great state of Virginia that banned toys with cigarette or alcohol references in the 70's. All the Virginnie modelers had no NASCAR or AMT Beer truck kits. I guess the label makes it acceptable and ID's will be checked! greg
  10. I found this one: Tent Premium Canvas Style Miniature Highly Detailed 1/24 Scale G Scale Diorama | eBay and there is a Prieser one : Preiser 45215 Camping Tent and Accessories Kit: Amazon.co.uk: Toys & Games that is out of production. I do not have interest or participate with these sites only researched for products greg
  11. The Interceptor's stripes are decals The Escalade's are red decal paper cut to design and yellow pin stripe tape. The yellow stripe on the tailgate is same tape but wider and the swoosh on the side is just cut piece. The pattern is based on a real generic fire decal available in from after market dealers. The green YFD is decal Yes the YFD = Youngstown Fire Department. a distinguished logo for years in the department. greg
  12. I think this is as close as it gets: 1/25 AMT 1925 Ford T -- Chopped Top - Car Kit News & Reviews - Model Cars Magazine Forum greg
  13. It is a joke, It's Italian, white car red stripe, and green lettering= Italian colors, Tomatoes= Italian cuisine. greg
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