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  1. Wanted: revell/monogram 1940 ford convertible I think its been in both brands. Really i only need a good body unstarted and undamaged but i think its unlikely anyone has an extra laying around, which is why im looking for the whole kit These have a tendency to break on the windshield frame, so if you could verify that it is ok there. I have bought 3 and all 3 were snapped.
  2. Those were used like air conditioners. they would bring in air from the outside and somehow cool it down a little. im not sure how well it worked Edit: according to wiki it worked best with low humid weather and used water evaporation to cool the air https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Car_cooler
  3. Looks really good. I really like ehat you did with it I have this next on my list. Does this car go together well?
  4. i tried a ps paint on one of my models because i ordered the wrong thing accidentally. it was smoke color i use to tint rims. however, it doesnt really stick to the rims well, if i rub on it a bit, or use tape on it, it will pull off the smoke color completely. i have never seen anything like it.
  5. without giving away anything, the last 10 or 15 minutes ruined the entire movie. it made the entire beginning of the movie pointless. Also they went from well versed in military to idiots.
  6. i typically just get it from amazon or scalehobbyist. the closest hobby store near me that has tamiya is now 1 hour away. i actually just painted one of my models a tamiya green grey airplane paint. it looks pretty good. i will take a look at the paint chart of military to see what they have.
  7. i put the model in the plastic box and put the lid on it and put it outside. i will check on it tomorrow night and see how it looks. it smells like windex almost. the model is still available, so at the very worst case, i can buy another and have a box of parts
  8. The dollar store had 2 kinds of la brand. One was a cleaner with bleach and the other said cleaner degreaser. I Got the degreaser one. Is it the right choice?
  9. in nj you might be surprised how many times we get a call for snow of 6-18+ inches. basically every time there is even a hint of snow. however, i think of all the times they called for it, there was only 1 or 2 times in the past 4 years or so that we got more than a few inches of snow in 1 storm. my sister-in-law and i had a bet once because they were guaranteed to have a huge storm, i think it was like 12+ inches minimum. i told her that if it snowed more than 4 inches, i would buy her dinner. after the storm, i took a picture of a ruler in the snow and it was maybe 3 inches.
  10. i dont want to say its impossible to screw up a tamiya spray job because i did it twice yesterday alone. however, its quite difficult to run it or get uneven paint jobs with it. it dries in a very short time and i routinely go from bare plastic to gloss coat in a day or less. however, i am pretty tired of the tamiya colors available. they dont have a lot of the colors im looking for. i prefer to use a spray paint because i enjoy it the most. is there a brand that is as good as tamiya as far as how easy it is to use and get great paint jobs. i have tried some of the spray paints t
  11. thanks guys. i will pickup some of the LA's Totally Awesome first since its cheap and seems to be sold at the dollar store by my house. i will also see if i can find a pencil case or something to put it in with a lid while im there. if not, my wife has some fancy looking cylinder container i can use. i think it would fit my model. i tried to paint my model silver, and then put tamiya clear blue over top of it. the color is amazing. however, it didnt seem to cover the pieces that are raised. in my case there is a straight line that is raised on my hood. i tried several thin coats,
  12. thats awesome, i just wish i could find someone getting roof shingles replaced so i could have a naturally weathered one like that. great share
  13. i just bought an old amt scout 2 kit from ebay a couple of weeks ago. i got it for less than a new kit, so i dont feel bad. i dont understand why they would mold something in yellow though. i hope they also release a version molded in white.
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