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  1. Unfortunately i haven't seen any that are complete. i think i will just need to be patient on this. My biggest concern is if they wont respond to an email, how do i know if they will be responsive on shipping or if there is an issue. Its a lot of money for me and more than in willing to roll the dice on. If it was unusually cheap, maybe, but not when its the same price as recently sold kits of the same value
  2. I used to be big into the 1/32 slot cars. I have 4 different sets and i would spend hours racing. I even have a digital set were the cars drive themselves and change lanes on there own. Really fun for people like me who only drive alone. There used to be a slot car place at a mall in pa but they closed down. They had big tracks you could race at. I remember the time i was there and a guy had a nice porsche kit that he put custom tires on and better motor, etc. The guy asked me if i wanted to race and i said ok. The owner of the store said his car was really customized and dont be upset i
  3. There are 2 kits on ebay that im interested in. Both are very expensive for me and both sellers look new to Ebay, less than 10 feedback I emailed both asking them to confirm that the kits were complete without damages. Neither responded to message. Im not going to buy it if the "new" seller wont respond. Just stinks because I really wanted one of these kits, but only if they are complete. Im also not willing to roll the dice. They aren't unusually cheap either
  4. That's crazy talk i emailed a seller about a kit (not this one) and heard nothing back. i am not paying top dollar for an old kit without a response to simple questions of is the kit complete, and undamaged. why that isnt in the auction descriptions is beyond me. if they think by not putting it, they maybe getting something over on the buyer, it doenst work that way. if you tell paypal or whoever you paid with that the item is not complete, they will side with the buyer...or maybe they are hoping it just sits in a stash and never built?
  5. We have cats but theu dont ever go out. I only ever see 1 cat outside, so hopefully it leaves them alone
  6. about 2 weeks ago i found a birds nest on the wreath on our front door. last night my wife found the eggs hatched. there are 4 or 5 baby birds. they dont have any feathers yet and their eyes arent open yet. its so cool. i really hope they live
  7. OK thanks. by the way, i was able to find a revell 67 coupe today, but i just like to build different versions of kits. However, since it can't be built stock, i dont want to do it. i really only like to build cars that look stock. thanks
  8. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. this is the best thing i read in a long time.
  9. Can this kit be built as stock https://www.scalemates.com/kits/mpc-6357-1967-corvette-sting-ray--1150165 I dont really care for the hood/blower, giant rear wheels, etc. Does it come with the parts to build it completely stock? it looks like a prior version from 1967 is stock, so i wasnt sure if this kit includes all those parts.
  10. my wife is on customer support with the place she gets contacts, and she put it on speaker because every so often a rooster screams out from the telephone. I guess the customer service works/lives on a farm? it freaks my cats out, its really funny
  11. Warning, kind of gross I was cooking a recipe that called for 4 eggs to be scrambled. i put 3 eggs in and on the 4th egg in the cup was extremely bloody. im not talking a spot, im talking full on chanded the color of the egg whites to red. I just poured the whole set in the toilet and started over. So gross
  12. NOT RELATED TO THIS SELLER i saw a similar thing around christmas time. i dont remember the seller. it was on the gangbusters kit. they had the newly molded kit in an old box for a different car. one was a 2 door, and one was a 4 door. anyway, i emailed the seller and he said that i was right and he would adjust the auction. i kept an eye on it and he never changed the auction. about 4 or 5 days later i saw that it sold. i dont know what ever happened with it. i had it on my list of sellers to not buy from, but i dont know how to see that anymore
  13. i use toothpicks as well, but use it more like a dry brush effect. i try to use a waterbased paint for it though so i can wipe it off if i have a mistake
  14. Here is my work with the tamiya and the microgloss liquid abrasive. I cant get 2 of the very small chips out. I sanded and sanded and i feel the divot still, so short of somehow filling it somehow, its going to stay like this. Other than the small chips they are clear. I gave it another coating of the microgloss and polish each one for really long time and then did final cleaning with new rag. I wish i took a before picture but i didn't. they were in horrible shape with scratches all over the front and back windows Its a little hard to tell but they look amazing. If it wasn'
  15. I haven't used the novus yet but the tamiya is really good. The tubes are very small though. I do have plans to try different ones because the tamiya is so expensive for how little you actually get
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