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  1. Just out of curiosity, how many people have made the same mistake! I sure did but it was a long time ago. I would prefer to see a simple correction for a newby, not such a hostile attack for an honest mistake. It's a frikin game for ***** sake!
  2. New Years 1966. My first trip to Disneyland. Our high school marching band marched in the Rose parade in Pasadena, and as part of the trip, we marched down Mainstreet Disneyland. They gave us entry and a book of tickets(back when each ride required a ticket) for entertaining the crowd. The Haunted Mansion was all most complete but not open. All the other rides mentioned before were going strong and I remember them. I bought a souvenir I really, really wish I still had. Sword in the Stone had just been released and back then Disney threw the production cells for the movie on the table an
  3. Had that happen all to often with Tamiya rattle cans. The problem is the propellent dissolved in the paint. If you hold the can it too close and the spray it on too thick, the top layer flashes off(forms a skin) before the propellent can off gas completely. This happens most often in corners. You can do several things to mitigate this. First is to spray several thin layers. That way the dissolved propellent doesn't have to off gas through a thick layer of paint. The second is to heat the paint. This makes the propellent much more active and it will off gas much more quickly.
  4. Yea, me too! I am so sick of hearing the voice over "Could it be ........." I have take to recording it. I can generally watch a full show in about 10 minutes when I get rid of the speculations and garbage. I do like the archeologists and seeing some of the stuff they dig up. 😉
  5. Never heard of SC. My large can is empty so I will seek it out.
  6. If cost is your primary objective then you can't beat Weldon 3 or 4. It is about $25 a quart. You can get it on line or at your local plexiglass fabricator's. Every model I have built in the last 20 years was assembled with that stuff. I have a small 1/4 pint can that was my original purchase and just refill it from the quart bottle. A quart lasts me for years. Just never ever leave the top off overnight. The 1/4 pint will be gone in the morning. I also prefer the Touch n Flow applicator I got from Micro Mark for application. Very precise and easy to control.
  7. Was the last time I checked. http://rbmotion.com/rbmshop_3.0/index.php?route=information/contact I thought he had a facebook page to but I couldn't seem to find it.
  8. Unfortunately this is as much a problem of estate planning as it is banking. Banks are by design, intended from keeping others from gaining access to your money. When you are no longer with us then the red tape starts. This can be solved with a basic estate planning tool known as a trust. That means that the successor trustee has access to all your affairs if they are owned by the trust. The trust documents have a succession of trustee statement that precludes and the bank scuffle. By the way, this is very important to married couples to have so if one partner dies or is mentally incompe
  9. I drove the same streach of road much later in the day an can attest to everything you said. Gorgeous Red C8 stuck out, but there were two that really caught my attention. I saw two different BMW M3CS's. Only 500 sold in the US.
  10. Too late now, but I ditched the exacto blade years ago. I much prefer the quality of Tamiya's saw. Slightly larger blade and handle, blade is stiffer with much finer and sharper(mind your fingers) teeth and it cuts on the pull stroke. The last bit seems to give me much better control. I love it for chopping tops. You can easily cut a roof lengthwise with a straight smooth cut. It also slices through delicate parts like roof pillars easily without breaking them. It is available on amazon for $21. Yes it is about $5 more than the exacto blade, but IMHO well worth the extra. Altho
  11. I understand, but I would rather spend $36 for a can than the same price of 6 tubes of hobby putty. The tubes of hobby putty seem to be far worse at dry out long before they are empty. When I was working on customs, I use to go through a lot of tubes of Tamyia or Squadron putty. It seemed like when ever I would grab a tube I had opened for prior project, it was dry and that always seemed to happen at the worst point in the build. My experience with eurosoft is that it lasts for 8 or 9 years and never had the resin go bad. I always get a crack in the plastic container long before that. I
  12. Been using this for years and expensive? No, not really. Not cheap to buy, but per ounce, it is far cheaper than any modeling putty on the market. Just bought a can yesturday and it was $41 but that was less than $1 an ounce. Tamiya putty is about $6 an ounce. I have had one issue with it though. If you buy the plastic bottle or pouch, the container cracks or leaks after a while. If I don't buy the can, I transfer it to a glass jar. Also, you need to replace the hardener from time to time. Same issue.
  13. Where do you go Dave? I was in the chair for a cleaning yesterday as well. I have been going to the same dental "organization" for over thirty years and am on the third dentist that has owned the practice. I did realize that some people couldn't here the ultrasonic tool. I have had issues with a tooth that was super sensitive to that piece of equipment. I think the main issue with dentistry is the anticipation on the part of the patient. I have never felt as much inflicted pain anywhere as I have in the dentist chair. Although it is infrequent I am still tense in anticipation of th
  14. As to the Trophy hound comments I will add this. Frankly, I think it is the most difficult class to do well in. All the detail and modification can disguise basic building flaws with the Wow factor. I think I can say that because I have never placed first in an OOB category. For those who know me, they know I have won my share of accolades at the national level but I just can't seem to put the best model on the table in OOB. I think it is fair to say that of all the categories in modeling, OOB has the most level playing field. As Snake said, being judged strictly on assembly and finish is
  15. Ah yes, Box stock! The simplest rules but subject to more attempts to stretch the rules than any other category. In point of fact, IPMS had to dedicate a page and a half to the actual rules this year for nationals. Granted, there are a lot of potential exceptions when you have a hundred or so categories so it is unlikely that your local car club contest would go that far. Having said that, I believe most of the contests I have attended define OOB in a simple manner. The model must be built with what came in the box as specified in the instructions. Finish materials are generally not
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