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  1. Hahaha! You know me only too well! I might do a little work on a couple of parts!😁
  2. Thanks for the history on this, Bernard. You have to know that one of these will find its way to my display case!
  3. My guess would be it was running /XS, as pictured, here.
  4. Main front suspension components are painted and installed. Here it is, on the wheels, for the first time since initial construction and design. Final ride height is set. The rear is sagging, momentarily, as the shocks aren't installed, here. I still need to build the rear brakes, and paint the front ones. Questions, comments and critiques are always welcome. Thanks for looking!
  5. Here's my setup. As a renter, it needs to be temporarily permanent. Although I plan to replace the flex across the top of the window with rigid pipe, it draws wonderfully, as it is. The only time I experience any lingering paint odors is when I need to change the filter. I can remove the installation, and return everything to normal, in five minutes, or less. It's secure, as well. If anyone would like further details about the installation, please ask!
  6. Interestingly enough, this thread contained several ads for paint filtration systems, in my browser. I use the cheapest filter material I can find. When I am painting, it gets changed every day Or two, anyway. I will post photos of my setup , later.
  7. I got an assortment of AWG numbered bits to replace some broken/lost bits from my drill box. Earlier in the week, I received a Revell Snap-Tite '57 Chevy from one purchase and one of the '67 'Vettes, because I had raided the cross-ram manifold from the one I had, for my Supermodified.
  8. I just keep a small can of Weld-On 4 around. It works great, for most styrene/styrene bonds. It's also much less expensive than dedicated hobby cements.
  9. That's pretty dang cool! I have built two of his Goldenrod kits. Lots of fun! It might be a good candidate for the 24 hour build!
  10. Man, there is a ton of nail stuff that is useful for modeling. I have been looking at some of these decals, as well.
  11. I rebuilt a portion of the rear suspension, after breaking a solder joint on one of the hairpins. I stripped them in Super Clean and fixed the one, then repainted them both. These photos are prior to that. I have since also remade the trailing arms, from brass. I'm hoping to wrap up the rear suspension in the next few days, although a couple of them will be long ones, work-wise. Thanks for looking! Questions, comments and critiques are always welcome.
  12. I have really enjoyed this thread! Beautiful work on such a cool car(s)!
  13. Cool! Thanks for posting this. I'll have to watch it on my TV, here in a bit--no sound on this computer. I think I have the short story from Road&Track saved on my computer, somewhere.
  14. I think it's about time I had a red car in my display case! Paint on belly pans is an old can of Krylon Cherry Red I have sitting around. It sprayed beautifully, and smelled like the old days! The body and nose will also be this color, once work on them is completed. I may, or may not do a scallop, on the nose.
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