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  1. The former makes perfect sense. I'm sure you're right about the latter. That car was absolutely gorgeous!
  2. I have found it difficult to get tiny holes to fill with rubber. I don't have a vacuum tank or pressure pot, however. I think that will make a difference.
  3. That's an excellent idea. I use my old one to use punches on.
  4. That car was running at about the time many teams quit painting chassis, in order to spend the weight, elsewhere. I am sure that, at one time, I read what color the body was, but, I can't recall, now.
  5. Here are jpegs of a tutorial I did about four years ago. It's a subject that comes up frequently, so it bears a re-post, this time with tags. Everybody has their favorite way of accomplishing this task. There are some very nice aftermarket items out there, to be sure. I think that, back in the early-mid '70's, I built a couple of pieces with nine wires stuffed into a single hole drilled in the cap, before I decided that just wasn't acceptable, for me. Next, I began drilling nine holes (or five, or seven...) that's what's called a "painus in the anus"! Some time around 1985, Don Fahrni obtained
  6. Thank you, Jim! I think I might finally have the wheels and tires sorted out, as to how they'll fit together. I am hoping to get the suspension worked out, over the weekend.
  7. I did a tutorial a few years ago, on making your own "pre-drilled" distributors. Over the weekend, I will try to repost it, adding hashtags.
  8. I used it on the engine for my Mack. It makes for a nice textured finish, like cast iron or aluminum.
  9. We've seen a lot of improvement in your work! Good job, Michelle.
  10. Been sorting this out: Finding tires, making wheels, reworking parts of the chassis, gathering bits and pieces...a bit of progress! I've determined it to be predominantly red, because I don't have a red car, yet.
  11. Thanks,Alan. Yes, indeed, that's exactly where they're from! I've made some changes. First, I found some photos, circa '73-'74 of some of these with speedway tires, as opposed to the more commonly seen dirt tires. I found some tires that have the proper look to them, but, will need to have sidewall lettering removed, and possibly replaced with something more appropriate for the time. The kit's rear axle is molded with the top open. Replacing it with one from Monograms '80s sprint cars require removal/replacement of the rear chassis bar. I've begun work on the front spring and axle assembly. No
  12. Yeah, what if they just have one blue? If it's a blue shade, you get the blue! 😃
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