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  1.   I've got a set of those Michelins you were asking about. Do you still need them ? if so pm me your mailing address

    1. JJ Deuce

      JJ Deuce

      Thanks for the offer - I found a set already.  I'll update that thread.



  2. paint for the replica of my old Corvette. also, some tires for my Nova wagon project.
  3. just have to shop. I got the surfboards and rack for a few bucks plus shipping. I believe maybe $6 all in.
  4. That’s what I was thinking, but thought I’d see if there was one out there already. Thanks!
  5. Does anyone cast a Vintage Air type a/c system? At least the sander compressor and maybe some generic vents?
  6. I have a few different ones that I use. For most parts applications, I use the Faller bottle glue, that has almost a hypodermic applicator. For clear parts, I use the testor's canopy glue. Sometimes I'll break out the Plastruct plastic weld (MEK), and if it's something that is really stubborn I use the gorilla super glue.
  7. planning to make more time for building this year. I only finished one in 2020, and it had been a long while before that. I sold off about half my stash, and then bought a few kits I really wanted to build. The build list, in it's current, subject-to-change, order: 1. '63 Nova wagon 1a. curbside '66 nova using the bits leftover from the wagon build. 2. '60 chevy pickup 3. AMT '55 corvette - the box art drag racer 4. AMT '59 corvette - "street rods" issue, box stock, maybe even with the two-piece tires 5. a pair of original MPC Dukes Chargers, both red. One in
  8. Great job! I like box art builds
  9. Yeah I’m working out how to make that lower vent as well. Some pics of the car has a narrower trim down the side as well. Not sure if I’ll leave it off and drill holes or replicate the trim with stock.
  10. Getting started on a replica of a buddy’s ride. Going to have to delete the side trim from the kit. Fortunately I’ve got a lot of photo references of the car, so I have been collecting bits and pieces to get it fairly accurate. It’s got a 327 with a 5-speed, a/c and bucket seats. I decided to use the AMT ‘66 Nova chassis to make it more true to the real car. I lopped the spare tire well from the kit chassis, and trimmed some of the rear of the ‘66 pan. since the bench seat was going to have to go anyway, and the wagon’s trans tunnel wouldn’t clear the new chassi
  11. Picked up an ‘83 Hurst olds kit at Michaels. $18 less 2% coupon
  12. I’m looking for a set of four (4) of the Michelin TRX tires that were included in the 1/25 Revell ‘67 corvette kits.
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