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  1. Thanks, Snake says Model Car World makes one (AWB '63 Chevy II sedan).
  2. Thank you. Yes, I thought about it, but in order to make it right, I would also have to put an edging around the upper inner window frames and widen the rear posts. Would have been beyond my patience level (I have plenty of projects that are back in their box, dying a slow death on the "Shelf of Doom").
  3. Thank you sir, the decals really helped to complete the look and there are a bunch of pics of the original on the Fotki site. I believe the car in the museum was the replica build as the original was wrecked after it was sold in '66 or '67.
  4. He has a listing on Ebay for American Graffiti dragster (Milner's Dragster) decals. paintinjoe is his ID.
  5. Been wanting to do this for years. Found decals from Freemont Racing Specialties. Body and engine are from AMT AWB Rat Packer Chevy II kit. Wheels, chassis and interior are from the AMT AWB Mustang GT kit. Threepoint rollbar, injectors, radiator and headers are from the parts box. Paint is Testors rattlecan laquer Fiery Orange. I know the real car was a sedan but I already had the coupe body.
  6. Found better decals for this car from Freemont Racing Specialties. Looks closer to real car.
  7. Yep similar, a '64 Biscayne with an inline 6 and a 3 on the tree.
  8. Great kit. Built one back in 1972. Still have it (had to replace the decals). Is it still motorized?
  9. Got three Grumpy's Toys Pro Stocks almost ready for paint. The hardest one was the Camaro, tried for years to fit a 1/24 Revell Pro stock chassis into a 1/25 MPC Camaro body , it ain't gonna happen. Found the AMT Snapfast Pro Street Camaro kit and the chassis/ wheels and interior dropped right in the MPC Camaro body. Curb side but that's okay.
  10. Oh, and it had a tach drive distributor.
  11. Lenco trans came in '73, the crankcase tubing is for the dry sump oil system on the '74 vega.
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