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  1. The front axle I had a bending issue with would have been OK if I never used it. The problem was when it was on the model with a bit of stress put on it from the model resting on the springs and the ends on the wheels giving it some upward pressure. I probably could have left it in a jar for years and never had a problem. One of the fellows in my Model Club has started doing some 3D printing and I will ask him about this and see what information I can get on types of plastics to get better results. It may be a matter of cost in material.
  2. IF you need something let me know I might be able to return the favor
  3. Made a visit to Hobby Lobby and pickup some Vallejo Color Shift Paint , Space Dust. I didn't find much about it in the search. It look like they recommend using it over gloss black. I did see on an old post that it was used over white and had a different color to it. Anyone with any tips or info on painting with it ? I have been using Alclad Klear Kote Glossfor my top coats with Createx and Tru-Color with good results. I use a Createx inter-coat clear between the color and the top coat. Should I expect to get the same results from the Vallejo Acrylic ? I can see I will be doing a lot of spoon
  4. Thanks for the info and Big thanks to Muncie for the needed parts
  5. I am working on a project with my scrap pill parts. I am converting a 32 5 Window Cpe into a 5 window pickup. I just discovered I don't have a windshield frame for it. There are no markings that I can find but it is molded in black. I think it may be a AMT but not sure , help in identifying this would be appreciated also any tips on scratch building a frame . Thanks
  6. I normally do a Google search of the car that I am looking for ideas. I look thru the images and most of the time I find inspiration for a build then modify it to my own taste
  7. Found this while looking thru an old 61 magazine . Thought it might be helpful info.
  8. Found a different setup with a couple S.C.O.T. blowers in a Rod Handbook mag from 1961
  9. I would think in early post war racing they would be used because of their light weight
  10. I just drip some in the airbrush cup straight out of the refill ,
  11. Looking thru a copy of Customs Illustrated from 1964 , I ran across this picture this morning. It shows a different way of mounting a 671 blower. Gives me some ideas for a future build. This close to the way they were mounted on the GM
  12. I worked in a Diesel Injector Rebuild shop for many of my younger years. The owner liked to surplus lots and had a few 4-71 blowers on the back shelf. These always interested me to put on a motor. I was told that there was a lot of work to make them usable on a car motor.
  13. Thinking about do a Surf Woodie Model T with Rattan instead of wood. Any place I could find some 1/24th scale Rattan ? Thanks
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