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  1. I found them. The original one is in white plastic but was painted blue and had the custom nose glued on with tube glue. I think you can still see how the area around the headlight was more correct than it is now (the one in primer). Mike
  2. Let me see if I can remember to get some pics. It would be easy to add the headlights of your choice with the original front. I still have found no reason for why they did that. Mike
  3. If you can find an original annual kit, the part around the headlights look a lot better. I have one I am trying to figure out how to graft onto another body I have. I am not sure why they flattened the part around the headlight or when, but I have an issue from the 80's that the modification was already made on. I can try to take a pic later tonight if you would like to see it. Mike
  4. I also don't like telling people what direction to take. Do what you want. I would like to suggest don't be afraid to paint even some of the wheel. Mike
  5. I don't remember having any big issues with that kit. I think I remember having to move parts to get it to sit all the way down. Mike
  6. Well, I haven't seen these before. They look great. Mike
  7. Off to another great start. I love the lights. Mike
  8. Great job so far! I like this style and have plans to build my own. You should see my take on this theme, along with a couple others, coming soon. I am interested to see yours progress. I started with the crappy pink one, so anything will be an improvement. I would say keep the door lines going all the way to the bottom, and if you are going suicide, try looking at the older versions that have the side vents. I think having both of those opening the same will look good. Keep us posted, Mike
  9. Looks great. Like the color combo. The only suggestion I have is it looks like you have a left and right side wheel on the same side. They are directional wheels so the spokes should point the same way. Everything looks good. You may try to mount the stock tail lights under the car, on the frame rails. Just a thought. Mike
  10. I had fun making this one. I forced some perspective by putting a 1/43 scale Mustang right behind the main ones. Here is the old Testors kit. Mike
  11. mikelo

    55 chevy

    Very nice. I like drawing on toned paper. Mike
  12. Try Revell's 50 Ford F-1 Pickup 2'n1 kit. Not exact match but closer than what you have or Pegasus'. Mike
  13. Wow! This is looking great! I like those tires. Did you make wide and wider ones, or all the same? Mike
  14. Looks good. I like what you are doing with it. Makes me want to dig mine back out & finish it. I saw where you mentioned about not putting the spoiler on, are you going to put the black on the hood? Mike
  15. Great thing to do with that body. Looks great so far. Mike
  16. I like the color, and the interior color goes really nice with it. What are those wheels from? Mike
  17. I can see a big improvement just from the beginning of this thread. I really like how you were not afraid of all the details on the 32's with the engines being visible. I was going to suggest working on perspective but you already did that. You really nailed the perspective on your Toyota. The best thing you can do is keep doing more. Mike
  18. I think I have seen only about two built versions of this kit. I have the older version, but want to see what you do with yours. Keep us posted. Mike
  19. Very nice. I like where you went with this. Are those the last version kit supplied decals? I need a set of those. Mike
  20. mikelo

    My drawings

    Nice perspective! Mike
  21. That kit has always come with the air grabber hood as fa as I am aware of. Mike
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