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  1. Testors clear enamel isn’t much good for anything else, but it works great for this purpose. 😉 Steve
  2. Absolutely! But that's another issue that the "collector" wouldn't care about. Steve
  3. if I can make a suggestion, a shot of Testors clear enamel gives you the perfect yellowing affect on the transparent steering wheel. Steve
  4. That's fabulous Bob!! I found myself doing something similar for the gear indicator on the column of my '68 Coronet. A little smaller, and I don't think a decal would be feasible, but I did it pretty much in the same fashion. I don't know about you Bob, but working out these sorts of issues are what really makes the hobby a lot of fun for me! The danger of destroying a rare part in the process makes it even more exciting! Steve
  5. That may be the case, but Trumpeter themselves carry the brunt of the responsibility for the sales issues. If the models are goofed up and inaccurate, that’s on them, not the buyer. Who among us wouldn’t return a defective product. And furthermore, who among us wouldn’t warn his friends if they happened upon a product that was consistently defective, and tell them to steer clear. Steve
  6. As they say, "all good things must come to an end" and while I was honored to have participated for the past couple of years, I really hope that the DSC will be able to continue their normal "in person" show next year. But it was great being able to participate in a show that I likely would never have been able to attend under normal circumstances, so thanks so much for the opportunity fellas!! Steve
  7. I agree. But then again, I plan on building them, so I wanna see what's in the box. I guess if you're a collector, you'll never be the wiser if there's an AMT '49 Mercury inside. Steve
  8. Just don’t use Testors clear enamel, unless you want your decals to be yellow. 😑 Steve
  9. You can spray a lacquer gloss coat like Testors over them while they’re still on the sheet. Steve
  10. Some of us are just amused by the whole thing. If it’s just a 1,000 kit collection that we want to see that nobody will have access to except for a few privileged individuals, there’s probably 50 guys that belong to this board that could make a video or two of themselves going through their own stashes. If it’s the history lesson we’re seeking, I’m all for it, but this was just looking a little too much like an exercise in “look what I have that none of you will ever get”. Steve
  11. I’ve not built any of the Trumpeter kits myself, but I do have a couple of them, and I’ve only built a couple Moebius kits, but here’s my opinion on what I do know of both manufacturers kits. I’ve seen multiple builds from both manufacturers over the years, and although some say that there are inaccuracies with some of Moebius’s kits, they usually look pretty nice built up. Someone said the Moebius Ford truck kits have many accuracy issues, but the always appear to finish pretty nicely in my view. On the other hand, the Trumpeter kits usually look “out of whack” when finished.
  12. I don’t know all of the scientific reasons why plastic becomes brittle, but my assumption with styrene model kits is that time itself is the biggest factor. Steve
  13. That sums up a lot of attitudes, doesn’t it. my attitude has mellowed over the years to much more of a, “I’m really glad they make this model” attitude. But that’s a minority attitude, no doubt! Steve
  14. I would have thought that the Falcons and ‘63 Nova kits would have been huge sellers judging by the apparent interest in the Round 2 Nova wagons and the Moebius ‘62 Novas. Steve
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