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  1. Surprised no one mentioned how the inner fenders on the pickups are all wrong but they got them right on the Blazer/Jimmy.
  2. One flaw in your theory about the 4wd Revell chassis donor John- The AMT kits are 1:25 and the Revell kits are 1:24, makes for some issues, unless you know different? To Casey's argument, the interior and chassis and their lack of detail really make the AMT/MPC kits toy like. Add in the metal axles and I'm reminded of my youth playing with Hot Wheels.
  3. Thanks Casey. I did the math and there is literally 100 or more possible variations of the 67-72 GM truck if you consider 2 & 4 wheel drive pickups, Blazer/Jimmy and Suburbans. Add in long bed/short bed, fleet side/step side and even cab chassis configurations. Us modelers would be gullible enough to buy whatever was put out there to build to our hearts desire. Add in some resin stuff like the dump box from Danny at Scenes Unlimited, the Holmes Wrecker bed from Motor City Resin and other stuff that pops up on eBay and there is no telling what could be built. There's another thread here wit
  4. I'm definitely a buyer for that ramp bed and snow plow parts! That is cool we are getting stuff like that.
  5. There are some that are similar in the AMT Police Van kit. I would have to dig out a kit to check. Might also check with Casey here on the forum, he casts a bunch of different wheels and may have those. If you do decide to offer them up, I would be interested in several sets of Chevy and GMC.
  6. The owner of HTUSA in Mooresville is supposedly bringing a HTUSA here to Charlotte this year, but if it's like his Mooresville store, it will be heavily concentrated on R/C. I'm just guessing but I would say the low margins, competing with the internet and HL are all big factors in why local hobby shops have disappeared here.
  7. While I lament the loss of the coupon to use on supplies, it has been encouraging to see them add stuff like Evergreen plastic and K&S tubing. Without a real hobby shop in the Charlotte area, it's been a struggle to get scratch building supplies without shopping online. As far as HL making money? Yeah, I kinda want them to do that so we don't lose our last local source of hobby stuff, and all of us should. Most of the hobby stores I knew that closed were because of a lack of ownership succession as the owner got to retirement age. Sure, some were mismanaged and closed because
  8. I'm holding out hope that someone will tool up new molds for the 67-72 series of GM trucks and give us some fresh, more accurate, kits to build. It would be a huge hit and if done right, there's literally over 100 possible configurations across the Chevy and GMC 2wd/4wd spectrum.
  9. I have your El Camino model kit, don't forget my Suburban kit we're trading!
  10. So who all is going? I will be there with some cash to spend and looking forward to seeing some model peeps, it's been 16 months since the last show!
  11. Stopped in at lunch time today, grabbed some paints that were marked down. I need to ask if they will be getting rid of the rack, would come in quite handy!
  12. Modelhaus Tires has some that should work for you. Reasonably priced and awesome service! I will caution you that ordering from them is addictive. www.modelhaustires.com
  13. There was a post on Facebook that VCG Resins is up for sale and not taking orders.
  14. Yeah, I saw that in a video on FB. Kinda bummed but will deal with it, I wonder why they felt the need to mold it in red? Are all of the Coke kits molded in red?
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