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  1. He has discontinued the 4wd conversion kit, he had way more orders than he could fill. Not sure what else he could come up with.
  2. Those mirrors are available from Fireball Modelworks. Sure hope the F-250 is done right.
  3. If you are on Facebook, check out Model Parts in Scale. He hand makes light bars in different configurations and colors and can set you up with what you need. Considering that Can Do and the Will Do kit are selling for silly money, finding just the light bar might be impossible.
  4. Don Mills has the best scale diamond plate (IMO) available for us modelers.
  5. I forget the exact terminology, but there is a way to ship the mags cheaply via the post office, I think it was called printed materials, and is definitely cheaper.
  6. Mega Hobby has this for pre-order at $29.99.
  7. I have seen some comment that has happened, but is that a HL policy or laziness on behalf of a warehouse worker? And I would think if they sent you the wrong item they would take it back and either refund your money or give you the correct item. When I have gone on their website, if something shows out of stock, I don't believe you can order it.
  8. You can always order them online at the sale price. And they have free shipping on orders over $50.
  9. I kind of made mine into a pickup, just chose to incorporate a tonneau cover with mine. Cut the roof just past the door.
  10. That is a nice looking resin piece. I have 4 of his bodies and they are very nice. I wonder what the donor chassis would be for this?
  11. If it's a true F-250, then the tires should be 7.50 x 16.5 IIRC. Looking at that picture, they do appear to be new caps and look like the ones on my Dad's 71 F-250 he had back in the 70's. The Ramp Truck looks enticing, might have to splurge and get one.
  12. Glad to hear Engineer Bob came through for you, the grille I have is from a Revell 1/24 van.
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