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  1. Mom's 1960 Falcon and Dad's 1962 Buick Special. Took the test in the Buick and aced the parallel parking bit. That car was a such a pleasure to drive.
  2. Still inching towards completion. The engine is installed. Getting closer!
  3. Back to the Mooneyes dragster for a moment - for those that aren't aware, there are two of them - the original and the re-creation. If you're into the fine details, there are a few differences. https://www.drivingline.com/articles/the-mooneyes-dragster-cloning-our-heros-3-of-3/
  4. "So does anyone notice what's wrong with this pic?" 1960 Falcons didn't have floor shifters?
  5. Yes, that news & reviews thread has a lot of good info and Chris' video gives you a good sense of what you'll get with an out of the box build. Now that I'm building the kit, a few impressions: it's a well done kit for its era, generally accurate for building a scale Piranha dragster (depending on your proclivities there are a few things that can be corrected), and has ample opportunities for adding detail if that's your thing (there's lots of reference available online and in the nice booklet that comes with the kit). Note that the kit chassis represents the second iteration of the P
  6. Alright, I'll give you a run-down of my impressions in a day or so when I get a moment.
  7. Are you asking about the drag racer or the street version? I'm working on the dragster now (also built one about 50 years ago), so I can address that, but I've never built the street version.
  8. It is a little flattering, actually. I probably would have been okay with it if he had asked permission or given me credit, but I guess some people feel that anything on the internet is fair game these days. I'm not too put out by it really, but it's also not the first time something like this has happened to me - a few years ago I caught a real estate agent using an aerial photo of our neighborhood I had taken in an advertisement. She acted almost offended when I told her to stop using it!
  9. I was cruising around eBay a couple of days ago checking on the going prices for the A/M kits when I came upon this auction: Corvette Grand Sport Chassis See my initial post in this thread. The seller claims the images of the finished chassis are "stock photos". I guess my check is in the mail?
  10. JC, I built the Nomad kit recently. I have the straight axle and associated parts from that kit if you want them.
  11. A great piece of history and beautiful build, Phil!
  12. Yep - most builders are unlikely to complain about having more time to finish their builds.
  13. "El Ponchomino" from a Jimmy Flintstone body: And a "Thunderchero" (my own creation):
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