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  1. Working out the rear window and Drag City’s hood needs no adjustment!
  2. I thought about that and then the new seam would have had two widths to blend. Since the curved cuts follow the sides of the trunk lid, I waited until I was happy with the fit. And then cut the bottom of the trunk lid and narrowed the sides to fit. Also I scored the top back side of the lid and bent it some. I think I hurt my brain thinking about this chop, before ever making a cut! Thanks...
  3. Thx, I do need to do something with the rear windows though.
  4. I like what your doing here. The 21" front wheel looks better, but a smaller tank, like a Sportster style might make things appear better. Exile Motorcycle built by Russel Mitchell.
  5. On the bench, 40 Ford Sedan glue bomb special, donated by Al's Junk Yard. About a 3 1/2" scale chop, flush fender skirts and a lot of body repair. Let's see where this leads...
  6. Yes Eric it certainly does! Good looking cars all around!
  7. Very nice looking group of Comet's, thanks for posting. Any others?
  8. Thought I'd start a sister thread to the Falcons. This is what I'm starting with. So let's see what you got finished or a project.
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